Art Radar’s 17 most-searched terms, January to June 2012

Art Radar brings you our 17 most-searched terms from January to June 2012. Street art and art fairs were among the most popular topics in the first half of 2012.

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Google+ Hangout: Changing the way we talk about art? Resource alert

Forbes is currently running a series of interviews entitled “G+: The Artists’ Hangout” that explores how artists are using the video chat platform G+ Hangouts.

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Take credit card payments by iPhone: Useful at art fairs?

A new gadget by Square allows users to read credit cards off their Apple or Android cell-phones, allowing small business owners to save money. But will it work for art fairs?

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Top 20 Asian artists June 2010: Art Radar Asia's most-searched artists

TOP ASIAN CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS In January this year, we published the article, “Top 17 Asian artists 2009: Art Radar’s most-searched artists“, listing Art Radar Asia‘s most searched for artists to the end of 2009. This was so popular with our … Continue reading

American visual artists react to Google’s book grab

VISUAL ART GOOGLE LIBRARY PROJECT American visual art groups plan to file complaint against Google’s library project As reported in the New York Times earlier this month, a number of American groups representing visual artists have come together to file … Continue reading