FotoFest 2014 Biennial introduces leading Middle Eastern artists to the US

Wendy Watriss and Karin Adrian von Roques talk about Houston’s FotoFest Biennial, which just launched its 2014 edition with works of 49 artists from the Middle East and North Africa, marking the first time in its twenty years that the Biennial features photography from the region.

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Freedom to create: Myanmar’s artists explore an open society

Founder of Myanmar Art Nathalie Johnston gives an overview of how Burmese artists are embracing innovations in technology and using them in their creative processes, turning their practice towards new media art.

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Myanmar’s rural museums – Tun Win Aung and Wah Nu Guggenheim video interview

Husband-and-wife artists Tun Win Aung and Wah Nu talk about working together and transforming abandoned barns into exhibition spaces in ‘Museum Project’.

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Weekly jobs and opportunities | Guggenheim Abu Dhabi Associate Curator, Asia Art Archive Communications Manager

Looking for new career options in the arts? Art Radar Opportunities is a convenient archive of openings in the visual art world. Every week we add new positions suitable for a variety of backgrounds and levels of experience. Whether you’re an artist or an aspiring … Continue reading

Guggenheim continues East pivot with Chinese contemporary art commissions, curator

With its newly announced initiative to support Chinese contemporary art, the Guggenheim becomes the latest major art world player to turn eastwards.

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Nomadic paper artist Zarina Hashmi’s concept of home – Guggenheim talk

On 1 March 2013, Indian-born American artist Zarina spoke with Andreas Huyssen at the Guggenheim in New York, about her influences, travels, paper and her notion of home.

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Weekly jobs and opportunities | AAA summer teaching lab, Kyoto residency

Looking for new career opportunities in the arts? Browse the listings now on Art Radar’s newest service, Art Radar Jobs. New additions to the page will be featured each week.

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