Music as Freedom: sound in the visual art practice of Vietnam’s Vũ Dân Tân – artist profile

Long considered the acute opposite of mainstream Vietnamese contemporary art, artist Vũ Dân Tân is celebrated with a three-week long exhibition that examines his mixed media and installation practice, that towards the end of his life incorporated sound and music components as a means to interrogate the cultural traditions of his home country.

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“Familiar Otherness: Art Across Northeast Asia”: Chinese curator Huang Du – interview

Huang Du fills the Hong Kong Arts Centre with vibrant exhibition “Familiar Otherness: Art Across Northeast Asia” that traces the cultural collisions of Northeast Asia.

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Contemporary art in Hong Kong: Art Radar guide

Art Radar shares its tips on where to go when visiting one of Asia’s art hubs, Hong Kong.

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Japan’s Fumio Nanjo to curate new biennial in Honolulu in 2016

Mori Art Museum’s Director appointed Curatorial Director of the new Honolulu Biennial. The director of Tokyo’s Mori Art Museum (MAM) will curate the new biennial in Honolulu in 2016. The Biennial is part of an effort to include Hawaii in … Continue reading

Asia looks West – 7 exhibitions to see in June 2014

Art Radar brings you 7 shows exploring the linkages between East and West to see this month of June.

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Johnson Chang on Chinese art past, present and future – interview

Looking back on 30 years in Hong Kong art, Hanart TZ’s Johnson Chang discusses the changes over the decades and his plans for the future.

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Explore contemporary ink art: 5 top Art Radar posts

In this addition to our “Lists” series, Art Radar looks back at five of our top posts on the topic of contemporary ink art. What is the future of this centuries old art form?

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