Sovereign Art Prize announces finalists for 2016

The Sovereign Asian Art Prize’s 12th edition sees the “strongest yet” selection of museum-quality works from Asia-Pacific.

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Art Radar nominee Anida Yoeu Ali wins 11th Sovereign Asian Art Prize

Nominated by Art Radar’s Kate Cary Evans, Cambodian performance and installation artist Anida Yoeu Ali takes home the 2014-15 Sovereign Asian Art Prize for her exploration of hybrid transnational identity.

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Finalists for Sovereign Asian Art Prize 2015 on show in Hong Kong

Works by the 30 Sovereign Asian Art Prize finalists, shortlisted from a total of 236 independently nominated entries from 13 countries, will be exhibited in Hong Kong from 11 to 13 March 2015.

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Sovereign Asian Art Prize: Finalists from six never-nominated countries in 2013

The finalists for the the 2012 to 2013 Sovereign Asian Art Prize, announced 30 January 2013, include six entries from countries that are new to the nominations.

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Sri Lankan art on map with Pala Pothupitiye’s 2010 Sovereign Asian Art Prize win

Sri Lankan artist Pala Pothupitiye has been awarded the 2010 Sovereign Asian Art Prize and has vowed to use the prize money to help raise awareness of Sri Lankan art.

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Art prizes adding auctions and a charitable twist

  ART PRIZE In 2003, Howard Bilton, chairman of the Hong Kong-based Sovereign Group, set up the Sovereign Asian Arts Prize, an annual award of $25,000 established “to give recognition to some of the most important artists of our time”. … Continue reading