“After Darkness”: Southeast Asian contemporary art at Asia Society, New York

The group show at Asia Society questions the power of art to respond to our global social and political occurrences.

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“Recovering the Past”: Myanmar artist Htein Lin at Yavuz Gallery, Singapore

In his first solo show in Singapore, Htein Lin explores family history, life in Myanmar and past challenges.

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“Signs of the Times”: Burmese artist Htein Lin at River Gallery – in conversation

With 20 new works, painter, installation and performance artist Htein Lin explores Myanmar’s changing environment.

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Contemporary Dialogues: Art in Myanmar – interview

FluxKit talk about Contemporary Dialogues, an international festival of culture and arts at PEN Myanmar in Yangon, an organisation promoting literature and freedom of expression.

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Burmese artist Htein Lin breaks free of censorship and prison – interview

Burmese artist Htein Lin spoke to Art Radar about finding creative freedom in the unlikely setting of prison life, his yearning to return home and the changes in Burma’s art scene.

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Unapologetically political Burmese artist Chaw Ei Thein discusses her country and her art: Asia Art Archive interview

MYANMAR ART BURMESE ART ASIA ART ARCHIVE ARTIST INTERVIEW After growing up under Myanmar‘s military junta, Burmese artist Chaw Ei Thein‘s works is unapologetically political. In a recent interview with Asia Art Archive the artist speaks about the connection between … Continue reading