Venice Biennale model outdated? Cultural citizenship an alternative – curator Ranjit Hoskote

Curator Ranjit Hoskote shares his views on the Venice Biennale model and his image of the event as a shift from spectacle to search engine, nationality to cultural citizenship.

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Indian art consultancy threatens to sue US-based internet platform Ning

INDIAN ART NEWS PUBLISHING DISPUTE The art world in India is being rocked by accusations of libel and defamation and a blog platform in California is being drawn into the battle. Copal Art, a consultancy in India which provides modern art sourcing services, … Continue reading

Indian art market confidence falls in latest ArtTactic survey – Indian Art News

INDIAN ART MARKET CONFIDENCE The financial markets around the world are gradually recovering from a cardiac arrest, the banking system is being rebooted with help of government intervention and nationalisation. Most Western economies are heading for a recession. Emerging markets … Continue reading