India’s largest steel sculpture: Kiran Nadar unveils new Subodh Gupta acquisition

The Kiran Nadar Museum of Art recently unveiled blue-chip Indian artist Subodh Gupta’s Line of Control. The colossal sculpture displays a mushroom cloud made of pieces of steel kitchenware.

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3 Indian and 2 Chinese artists in top 10 for sculpture auction revenue – Artprice

CHINESE INDIAN ARTISTS CONTEMPORARY SCULPTURE ART MARKET REPORT Three Indian and two Chinese artists are featured in Artprice’s top 10 of contemporary artists for auction revenue from sculptures. While the report’s contemporary painting segment features artists from the US, the … Continue reading

Early critic response favours Anish Kapoor India show

Of Anish Kapoor’s Delhi-Mumbai show, which opened in November this year, we could have expected nothing short of praiseworthy. The artist, however, seemed humbled: “A return is always going to be difficult – quite frightening, actually.” Although his installations and sculptures can be found literally around the globe, it is his first time to showcase his pieces in his native India. Below, we offer an explanation of the roots of this retrospective and round up some of the early responses from critics.

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If it makes you scratch your head, its art – Sakshi 25th anniversary exhibition

MUMBAI ART SHOW SAKSHI GALLERY SWAPAN SETH Mumbai-based Sakshi Gallery has made the rather unusual decision of having a first-time curator put together its golden jubilee show. Having said that, the gallery is well-known for exhibiting experimental works so perhaps, … Continue reading