Video Art: Newfangled or here to stay? 6 must-read Art Radar posts

Though video art has been a cultural staple since the 1960s, it has proven especially popular with young and mid-career Asian artists. As part of our “lists” series, we’ve collected six of our best video art posts.

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Changing global retail landscape: Can Hong Kong art galleries adapt? Part III

In part three of an essay for Taiwan-based art magazine ArtcoArt Radar founder Kate Cary Evans discusses the growth and future of art galleries in Hong Kong.

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Stripping ‘Ophelia’ and more: 3 young Taiwanese new media artists in Hong Kong

Hong Kong-based gallery Input/Output (I/O) featured Taiwanese new media artists Yao Chung-Han, Lin Guan-Ming, and Chang Li-Ren in their show “Made in Taiwan”, which closed April 2012.

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Hong Kong a desert for new media art? New gallery I/O an oasis – interview

HONG KONG ART GALLERY CREATIVE DIRECTOR INTERVIEW Situated on Hong Kong’s Hollywood Road, Input/Output (I/O) is not a usual kind of gallery with ink paintings, sculptures and canvases on display. Instead, being the only gallery in Hong Kong that is primarily … Continue reading

Young Chinese artist Lu Yang brings anti-humanist elements to the Hong Kong art scene

CHINESE ART HONG KONG ART GALLERIES BIOLOGICAL ART Chinese artist Lu Yang has shocked and electrified the Hong Kong art scene with her recent solo new media exhibition, “A Torturous Vision” held at Input/Output (I/O). Showcasing her latest music video work … Continue reading