Art jobs and opportunities | M+ Museum, Japan Society, The Museum of Fine Arts Houston… and more

Looking for new career options in the arts? Art Radar Opportunities is an archive of openings in the visual art world.  Whether you are an artist or an aspiring curator, a market analyst or a scholar, Art Radar Opportunities has listings that will pique your interest. Every week … Continue reading

Takashi Murakami’s “The 500 Arhats” at the Mori Art Museum – in pictures

The Mori Art Museum holds a major solo exhibition by Takashi Murakami, the founder of Superflat.

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Before the fame: Yoko Ono’s early years at MoMA in New York

The retrospective of the early years of Yoko Ono at MoMA in New York fulfills a prophecy and cements her status as a pioneering figure in the art world.

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The changing landscape of Asian art in New York: Asia Contemporary Art Week 2014 – interview (part 1)

Director of Asian Contemporary Art Week (ACAW), Leeza Ahmady, and this year’s contributing curator, Xin Wang, speak to Art Radar about organising ACAW and curating artists from broader Asia, in the first part of a two-episodes interview.

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Excitement at Asian Contemporary Art Week despite recession – interview Leez Ahmady director ACAW

ASIAN CONTEMPORARY ART WEEK NEW YORK 2009 Director Leeza Ahmady talks to Art Radar about some of the highlights of the Asian Contemporary Art Week in New York 2009 and tells us how excited she is that it has come together so well despite the … Continue reading

New York’s first major show of Anime, Manga and Video Games KRAZY! Japan Society

JAPANESE CONTEMPORARY ART MANGA ANIME KRAZY! The delirious world of Anime, Manga and Video Games March – June 14 2009 New York The influence of these three forms of Japanese contemporary art and popular culture has been sweeping across Asia and … Continue reading

World first show of Japanese sculpture in bamboo, New York

      MUSEUM SURVEY BAMBOO SCULPTURE to January 11 2009 “Over the past few years, Japanese bamboo artists have reached beyond the established boundaries of their craft” says the Japan Society in New York. “New Bamboo: Contemporary Japanese Masters … Continue reading