Photographic duo RongRong and inri get first Hong Kong retrospective

More than sixty works by Chinese artist RongRong and his Japanese companion in art, inri, are on show at Blindspot Gallery for the first time.

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4 top photography posts: market outlook, Japanese veterans, Russian perspective

In this continuation of our ongoing series of list posts, we look at how the photography market is growing in Asia by linking to the best posts on this topic from our archives.

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Japanese veteran photographers capitalise on traditional photographic methods – Tokyoartbeat

JAPANESE PHOTOGRAPHY ARTIST INTERVIEW Master post-war Japanese photographers Kozo Miyoshi and Asako Narahashi have been practising photography from the era before digital for over thirty years, and both are deeply revered by today’s contemporary photographers. We couldn’t resist giving you a heads … Continue reading

Can’t get to the Shanghai Biennale? First day in 10 pictures

Art Radar was at the Shanghai Biennale in November this year. We took a ton of photos and have selected ten of the best to help give those of you who weren’t able to attend a glimpse of what the event had to offer. For some images, we have quoted from the wall panels that accompanied the artwork at the event or from what was written about the artwork in the Biennale catalogue.

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Japanese photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto – 4 fascinating video interviews

 JAPANESE PHOTOGRAPHY  Thank heavens for youtube which has given us a whole new way to appreciate art and learn about artists. In these video interviews, internationally-acclaimed Japanese photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto gives us a glimpse of his warm personality. Intelligent and mild-mannered, he responds with … Continue reading

Survey of Japanese photography at Paris Photo November 2008

JAPANESE PHOTOGRAPHY Back in the 1850’s Japan was the first country in Asia to embrace photography and since then the diversity, technical prowess and originality of Japanese have made an impression world-wide. Paris Photo which claims to be the premier fair for … Continue reading

Survey of Japanese photography at ICP first in US in decades

 JAPANESE PHOTOGRAPHY SHOW UNTIL SEPTEMBER 7 2008 “It was probably too much to expect the International Center of Photography to have two excellent group shows of contemporary art in a row. Not many New York museums, especially small ones, manage that regularly” says … Continue reading