Passwords for Time Travel: Raqs Media Collective’s online commission for Remai Modern

New web work by Raqs Media Collective is a futuristic glossary on Remai Modern’s website.

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10 Highlights from the Shanghai Biennale 2016

The Shanghai Biennale “Why Not Ask Again: Arguments, Counter-arguments, and Stories” (12 November 2016 to 12 March 2017) at Shanghai Power Station of Art is curated by India’s Raqs Media Collective.

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Power 100: ArtReview lists the top 100 names in the art world for 2016

In this 15th edition of Power 100, while Swiss curator Hans Ulrich Obrist tops the list, Asia and Africa spots new entries.

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Recounting contemporaneity: India’s Raqs Media Collective – artist profile

Art Radar profiles internationally acknowledged New Delhi-based Raqs Media Collective by focusing on their latest transdisciplinary projects as curators and artists on view throughout the globe.

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Knowledge larger than life: Indian artist group Raqs’ big book Vancouver installation

New Delhi based Raqs Media Collective creates a site-specific work entitled Primary Education of the Auto-didact, which focuses on an independent approach to interpretation.

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Art collective Raqs predict future in latest Indian solo – picture feast

CONTEMPORARY ART EXHIBITIONS NEW MEDIA In an interview for our “Words in Art” series, Indian artist group Raqs Media Collective discussed works from 2010 and earlier. See how their aesthetic and methodology has been extended in new works now on … Continue reading

Words in Art: India’s Raqs Media Collective see all words as equal

Indian artist group Raqs Media Collective is the first to be featured as part of our new words-in-art series. In this interview, Raqs talks about how they use written language to express their particular views and thoughts within their new media works. – Group conversation and discussion, and the recording of this narrative, is integral to their art practice – Their biggest challenge to date was the curation of “The Rest of Now” for Manifesta 7 in 2008 – The group likes to use words that leave the reader asking questions and for them, words have no hierarchy – The installation Skirmish (2010) is part of an ongoing series of ‘love stories’ – Time is often explored in artwork by Raqs and is a concept that particularly interests the group; they discuss Escapement – A show at Experimenter Gallery in February, 2011, is announced as well as a new light sculpture, Revoltage.

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