9 contemporary art exhibitions at Asian Art In London 2016

Asian Art in London 2016 takes place from 3 to 12 November 2016 in the British capital.

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The antique and the contemporary: “The Shape of Time” at Gagosian Hong Kong

Gagosian Gallery mounts exhibition juxtaposing Chinese antiquities and contemporary art in collaboration with Asian art and antiquities dealer Gisèle Croës.

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Ashley Bickerton explores Bali’s “tropical apocalypse” – in pictures

American artist Ashley Bickerton who is associated with the 1980s art movement Neo-Geo shows his latest paintings at the Gajah Gallery in Singapore exploring the “tropical apocalypse” of Bali, which has been his home for the past decade.

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Sally Lai chosen for Future Generation Art Prize Selection Committee

Sally Lai, Director of the Manchester-based Chinese Arts Centre, was recently invited to be on the International Selection Committee of the Future Generation Art Prize.

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What motivates billionaire collector Victor Pinchuk? The Art Newspaper

An article in The Art Newspaper sheds light on the motivations of Ukrainian super-collector Victor Pinchuk. Art Radar sums up highlights from the original piece.

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ART HK 11 Hong Kong art fair: ART HK confirms 2012 edition to be held in May

In the latest press release from ART HK 11, sent out on 31 May 2011, organisers announce that the 2012 edition of the fair will be held in May rather than February.

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3 Indian and 2 Chinese artists in top 10 for sculpture auction revenue – Artprice

CHINESE INDIAN ARTISTS CONTEMPORARY SCULPTURE ART MARKET REPORT Three Indian and two Chinese artists are featured in Artprice’s top 10 of contemporary artists for auction revenue from sculptures. While the report’s contemporary painting segment features artists from the US, the … Continue reading

‘Guerilla’ gallerist on introducing Banksy to Asia, art atmosphere in Hong Kong- interview

HONG KONG ART MARKET Two year old gallery Fabrik, known for its unique guerilla exhibitions and for bringing Western iconic artists to Asia, sets up permanent home in Hong Kong. The Fabrik Contemporary Art Gallery is young in Hong Kong, … Continue reading