A Beautiful Disorder: Chinese diaspora sculpture in the English countryside

Cass Sculpture Foundation unveils “A Beautiful Disorder”, an exhibition exploring the notion of politics, globalisation and modern life in China.

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Asian artists on the world stage at New York’s Performa 13

Performa 13 in New York, taking place at more than forty venues across the city and featuring more than a hundred events, sees the participation of a number of Asian artists, including names such as Subodh Gupta, Raqs Media Collective and Jennifer Wen Ma.

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New uses for Chinese ink: Jennifer Wen Ma paints hanging garden in Beijing

Jennifer Wen Ma, a Beijing-born New York-based artist, alters the traditional impressions of ink artwork with her latest installation Hanging Garden in Ink.

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What sold at Art Taipei 2011? Day 2 in pictures

Art Taipei opened Saturday 28 August and closed two days later. Art Radar was in attendance on Sunday and we bring you works that we noticed had earned the red dot.

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The 17th Sydney Biennale – Art Radar rounds up highlights, disappointments and critiques

BIENNALES ART EVENTS AUSTRALIAN ART CONTEMPORARY ART GLOBALISATION ENLIGHTENMENT With an unprecedentedly high attendance of over half a million visitors, the 17th Sydney Biennale has also been the largest in scale since the biennale was first held in 1973. From … Continue reading