Top Picks during ASIA NOW 2015

Art Radar picks some artwork highlights at ASIA NOW Paris Asian Art Fair 2015, the first fair dedicated to the Pan-Asia region in Europe.

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William Lim: Collecting Hong Kong – Artshare video

Architect, artist and collector William Lim talks about his passion for collecting Hong Kong art, while sharing his views about his home city’s place in the global art scene.

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The Umbrella Archives: Hong Kong artist collective fights to preserve protest art

Wen Yau, leading member of the Umbrella Movement Visual Archives & Research Collective, talks about the collective’s preservation and archiving efforts of the artefacts created during Occupy Central Hong Kong.

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4 books on Asian contemporary art collections – and a giveaway

Art Radar brings you 4 books that looks at 4 influential collections of Asian contemporary art and a chance to win a book giveaway.

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Space: The final frontier for Hong Kong’s artists?

Artists in up-and-coming international art hub Hong Kong, one of the densest and most expensive cities in the world, find that land prices and low availability of space have a real impact on their art.

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ART HK 11 Hong Kong art fair: What did galleries bring to ART HK 11? Picture feast

ART FAIRS HONG KONG CONTEMPORARY ARTWORK From work by seminal American pop artists like Andy Warhol to that of the emerging Asian artists represented in the fair’s ASIA ONE section, ART HK 11 seemed truly international. While we were out … Continue reading

Hong Kong artist activist Kacey Wong on Ai Weiwei arrest – interview

We talk to Hong Kong artist Kacey Wong about why he is so strongly involved in local protest action and what Ai Weiwei’s detention means for the city’s art community.

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