A different dimension: Iranian-American photographer Hadi Salehi – interview

Art Radar catches up with Iranian-American photographer Hadi Salehi to find out more about the artist’s early influences and his entry into American counterculture.

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Theatre of photography: Hong Kong’s Tseng Kwong Chi – artist profile

The Chrysler Museum in Virginia recently hosted a travelling retrospective on Tseng Kwon Chi’s oeuvre showing the multi-dimensionality of the acclaimed late artist who bridged photography and performance.

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Asia Contemporary Art Show 2014 in Hong Kong closes on high note despite protests

Asia Contemporary Art Show registers satisfactory sales amidst chaos in Hong Kong.

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Public artworks unveiled at new international airport in Qatar

Qatar Museum Authority (QMA), along with the New Doha International Airport (NDIA), has recently revealed a number of remarkable public artworks to be found within and around the new airport’s grounds.

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Photographer David LaChapelle in Hong Kong: Asian art scene buzzing while New York’s stagnates

At the opening press conference for his Hong Kong debut solo, “The Raft”, David LaChapelle shares his thoughts on the Asian art scene and how Asia inspired his work.

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‘Guerilla’ gallerist on introducing Banksy to Asia, art atmosphere in Hong Kong- interview

HONG KONG ART MARKET Two year old gallery Fabrik, known for its unique guerilla exhibitions and for bringing Western iconic artists to Asia, sets up permanent home in Hong Kong. The Fabrik Contemporary Art Gallery is young in Hong Kong, … Continue reading