Art Basel Hong Kong 2017: Strong sales and growing collector base in Asia – round-up

Art Radar rounds up the key takeaways from Art Basel Hong Kong 2017.

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Preview: 9 highlights from Art Basel Hong Kong 2017

Attracting over 240 galleries from 34 countries, Art Basel Hong Kong brings together key galleries from the Asia-Pacific region.

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Contemporary art in Hong Kong: Art Radar guide

Art Radar shares its tips on where to go when visiting one of Asia’s art hubs, Hong Kong.

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Holiday gifts for art lovers: Artworks on Art Radar’s wish list

Art Radar lists 8 collectable artworks, including works by Aisha Khalid, Wang Keping and Anida Yoeu Ali that could make the perfect gift for art lovers this holiday season.

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Revolutionising tradition: Seven Hong Kong artists rethink contemporary ink – picture feast

In “Contemporary San Sui Exhibition” at Kwai Fung Hin Gallery, seven Hong Kong-based artists provide a distinct approach to the theme of classical made contemporary with Chinese shan shui painting.

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First Hong Kong solo for Korean sculptor artist Lee Jae-Hyo

HONG KONG KOREAN SCULPTURE ART EXHIBITIONS Work by internationally renowned Korean sculptor, Lee Jae-Hyo, will soon be on show in Hong Kong for the first time. In a new exhibition, “From the Third Hand of the Creator”, to be held … Continue reading