Stripping ‘Ophelia’ and more: 3 young Taiwanese new media artists in Hong Kong

Hong Kong-based gallery Input/Output (I/O) featured Taiwanese new media artists Yao Chung-Han, Lin Guan-Ming, and Chang Li-Ren in their show “Made in Taiwan”, which closed April 2012.

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Art Radar 18 most-searched contemporary Asian artists to June 2011

Goodbye Takashi Murakami. Hello Tsang Kin-Wah. Art Radar‘s list of the top twenty most-searched Asian contemporary artists to June 2011 holds some surprises.

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Emerging artists: 4 top posts from 2010 to 2011

In the fourth post of our ongoing ‘Lists’ series, we dig deep into our archives to bring you the best and brightest posts written by us on the topic of ‘Emerging artists’.

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Thai artist combines Japanese cartoons with traditional Thai motifs – Bangkok Post

Design becomes contemporary visual art at the hands of emerging Thai artist Korakrit Arunanondchai, who is inspired by Japanese manga and traditional Thai motifs.

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Was Nam June Paik’s Tate Liverpool show information overload? Critics report

Nam June Paik, a Tate Liverpool retrospective celebrating the late artist’s career, wound up in March 2011. We’ve picked out a few of the best critic quotes.

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International contemporary artists produce unique works for Istanbul

NEW MEDIA ART FESTIVAL INSTALLATION Akbank art centre, Istanbul continues with its exhibition “The Rhythm of Istanbul“, in collaboration with the Akbank Jazz festival. Marking the twentieth anniversary of this world renowned music festival, it will feature installations by six … Continue reading

Young Chinese artist Li Hui lights up Netherlands: an Art Radar interview

CHINESE ARTIST SOLO EXHIBITION LIGHT ART NETHERLANDS Following his impressive solo exhibition last year in Mannheim, Germany, young Chinese artist Li Hui brings yet another surprise to the European art scene. In the pitch-dark exhibition space provided by The Centre of Artificial Light in … Continue reading

Chance to learn where Singaporean art is heading plus two firsts for emerging artist competition Presidents Young Talents at Singapore Art Museum

SINGAPORE MUSEUM ART COMPETITION Singapore had a predicament. The city-state needed to find the young artistic voices to represent Singapore at international level art fairs and events. The problem has been solved and future Singaporean art stars are being identified … Continue reading