Artists turn to video art: Will collectors follow suit? The Art Newspaper examines

More and more artists are turning to video art to present their ideas and opinions. As new technology makes the medium more accessible, will collectors show interest?

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500+ articles on Chinese contemporary art available on new Yishu online

Formerly a print-only publication, Yishu: Journal of Contemporary Chinese Art have now made their 500+ archive of artist interviews, profiles, panel discussions and exhibition reviews available online, for USD2.95 per PDF download.

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Most groundbreaking contemporary art from East? Three top art experts say no

Last week Art Radar outlined in an article the arguments presented for the motion by three of the speakers involved in “The Most Groundbreaking Contemporary Art is from the East” debate. This week we outline the arguments against the motion as presented by art professionals Sarah Kent, Kenny Schachterand Richard Wentworth.

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Kwan Sheung Chi reveals how to survive as an artist in Hong Kong in telling video

HONG KONG FOTANIAN ARTIST VIDEO INTERVIEW “Kwan Sheung Chi [art]attack 29” (length of video, 5:12 mins), features the Hong Kong artist Kwan Sheung Chi (b. 1980). In the video, Kwan describes the issues he explored in two of his exhibitions, … Continue reading