Venice Biennale model outdated? Cultural citizenship an alternative – curator Ranjit Hoskote

Curator Ranjit Hoskote shares his views on the Venice Biennale model and his image of the event as a shift from spectacle to search engine, nationality to cultural citizenship.

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Groundbreaking art from East or West? Top art professionals debate at Saatchi

Art enthusiasts and those at the top of the art profession gathered on 11 November at The Saatchi Gallery to witness “The Most Ground Breaking Contemporary Art is from the East”. This debate, organised by Intelligence Squared, a global forum for live debate that is dedicated to producing knowledge through contest, explored the growth of Eastern economies and its effect on the globalised art market. And sitting among the audience was Art Radar, armed with a tape recorder and notepad, busy getting the information we pass onto you now.

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Lee Ufan-dedicated museum opens on Japanese island – The Japan Times

JAPANESE KOREAN ARTIST MUSEUM OPENINGS MODERNISM An article by The Japan Times covers the opening of a brand new art museum in Japan dedicated to the Korean-born artist Lee Ufan. The article features an extensive interview in which the artist … Continue reading

Liu Kuo-sung London retrospective inspires potential British Museum collection

As reported by various Taiwanese media outlets, the British Museum has recently expressed interest in collecting works by Chinese/Taiwanese modernist Liu Kuo-sung. This interest follows a well-received mini-retrospective of 25 of the artist’s paintings at London’s Goedhuis Contemporary. The museum … Continue reading