Why are regional art shows so tricky to curate? The Japan Times

The decision to bring contemporary Arab art to Tokyo’s Mori Art Museum also brought with it a number of curatorial challenges, among them, how to define the “Arab world”.

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Indonesian contemporary art in Italy: A “faraway world” brought closer to Rome

An exhibition at the MACRO in Rome signals a significant European breakthrough for artists from the world’s largest archipelago, Indonesia.

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Post-disaster reflections in Japan-Australia art exhibition “Alternating Currents”

The Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts (PICA) in cooperation with the Japan Foundation attempts to show art that has been influenced by Japan’s Tōhoku earthquake.

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Dining with Abramović and her nudes: Exploitation or art? Opinion round up

The Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Arts sparked controversy when Marina Abramović’s planned performance was publicly condemned by American choreographer Yvonne Rainer.

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Asian Art Biennial 2011: 40 artists from New Zealand to Kazakhstan – event alert

Forty Asian artists are participating in the 2011 Asian Art Biennial. Curator Iris Shu-Ping Huang has asked each to reflect upon today’s “M-shaped” Asian society.

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Video artists raise awareness about water conservation in China

Beijing’s second “Shan Shui” exhibition, “Shan Shui 2010: H2O”, showcased the works of such internationally acclaimed video and new media artists as Song Dong, Bill Viola, Wang Gongxin and Janaina Tschӓpe, all drawing attention to the subject of water either by using it as their subject or as material in their art.

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Ai Weiwei now represented by Lisson Gallery, show in Taipei announced

CHINESE ARTISTS GALLERY REPRESENTATION ART EXHIBITIONS TAIPEI Ai Weiwei’s name is appearing on contemporary art news websites weekly, with new shows, artworks and events constantly making headlines. Now, The Art Newspaper has revealed a potential 2011 show in Taiwan and artdaily.org … Continue reading