Korean artist Anicka Yi wins Hugo Boss Prize 2016

Experimenting with technology, science and nature, conceptual artist Anicka Yi embraces discomfort in her boundary-pushing practice.

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Hong Kong-born artist Paul Chan wins 10th Hugo Boss Prize

Hong Kong-born, US-based Paul Chan’s “singular artistic voice” and versatile practice wins him Guggenheim’s 10th Hugo Boss Prize.

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Copyright-safe video resource for artists – New York Times

VIDEO ART RESOURCE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Over 10,000 Creative Commons-licensed videos are soon to appear on a new section of YouTube’s free online video editor, The New York Times reported in June 2011. Debates over copyright on YouTube are the drivers … Continue reading

Will Youtube become a new platform for video art? Guggenheim experiments

YOUTUBE GUGGENHEIM VIDEO ART ONLINE BIENNIALS The world’s most popular online platform for video sharing, YouTube, will soon be put to the test as a potential new platform for art expression in joint initiative with the Guggenheim Museum. Launched this year, … Continue reading