Adequate professional talent for China’s expanding arts infrastructure? The New York Times

Does China lack the professional talent and collection strength to support its new arts infrastructure? The New York Times recently published an article on China’s rapid expansion.

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Contemporary art funding in Asia: 5 top posts

Art Radar’s ‘Lists’ series continues with a look at five of the top posts on contemporary art funding in Asia.

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Delhi plans new art museum in power plant – Guardian article

CONTEMPORARY ART MUSEUM PUBLIC GALLERY INDIA London’s Tate Modern will provide the model for a new public art gallery in Delhi, to be built within the shell of the decommissioned Indraprastha power plant. The cost of the reportedly-approved project could … Continue reading

4 tips on how to make your art tour memorable – a museum case study by Nina Simon

ART TOURS TIPS AND RESOURCES MUSEUMS TOUR GUIDES In a recent blog post, Nina Simon, author of The Participatory Museum, a book that talks about practical innovations to enhance community and visitor participation in the museum experience, looks at the simple yet effective model … Continue reading

Indian collector Sarkar plans new art museum Calcutta – New York Times

NEW ART MUSEUM PLANNED CALCUTTA According to the New York Times a new modern art museum is under way in the eastern city of Calcutta. Herzog & de Meuron, the Swiss architecture firm that built the Tate Modern in London, is … Continue reading

New Singapore museum officially opens with contemporary Chinese ink exhibition

      NEW MUSEUM CONTEMPORARY INK EXHIBITION to 7 September 2008 Just behind the busy streets of Orchard road in Singapore, The Luxe Art Museum occupies two floors of the newly-built Luxe building, with a total of seven hundred … Continue reading

Fresh evidence contemporary art price rise is structural says FT

            Source: Financial Times MARKET NEW BUYERS MORE BUYERS The huge wealth from oil and mining in the Middle East and Russia is flowing into fine art, with a rush of new buyers entering a market that … Continue reading