Contextualising Contemporary South Asian art: Diana Campbell Betancourt on Dhaka Art Summit 2016 – interview

Chief Curator Diana Campbell Betancourt speaks to Art Radar about the third edition of Dhaka Art Summit.

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Veteran artist Po Po on Buddhism, narcissism and the Myanmar art scene – interview

Myanmar artist Po Po speaks to Art Radar about his current retrospective at Singapore’s Yavuz Gallery, sharing insights about his artistic process and his personal hopes for Myanmar.

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“Southeast Asian art history doesn’t have a canon yet”: Isabel Ching – interview

Art Radar speaks with Isabel Ching, curator of the Brandnew Art Projectin Bangkok, about the Project, her research into Conceptualism and her thoughts on art in Southeast Asia.

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Myanmar’s art education: Out with the old, in with the new

As Myanmar rapidly modernises, the country’s artists are beginning to question the traditional art education system, proposing new models for learning and creating in the globalised art world.

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Freedom to create: Myanmar’s artists explore an open society

Founder of Myanmar Art Nathalie Johnston gives an overview of how Burmese artists are embracing innovations in technology and using them in their creative processes, turning their practice towards new media art.

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27 contemporary Southeast Asian artists featured in ASEAN-Korea photo exhibition

KOREAN ASEAN CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHY EXHIBITION Created to showcase the range of dynamic contemporary photography coming from Korean and Southeast Asian artists, “Emerging Wave“, currently on view at the GoEun Museum of Photography in Busan (South Korea), features works from 27 artists … Continue reading