Korean artists: 4 top posts from 2010 to 2011

In the first post of an ongoing series, we dig deep into our archives to bring you the best and brightest post written by us on the topic of contemporary ‘Korean artists’.

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Taiwan eco-art exhibition Going Green tours America – curator interview

Environmental art in Asia is not a subject we’ve touched on much here at Art Radar. So when we heard about “Going Green”, an environmental art exhibition that took Taiwanese artists and their art to America, we decided to interview curator Jane Ingram Allen to find out more.

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Is China shooting a cultural missile at Taiwanese art? Taipei Times examines

CHINA TAIWAN CULTURE CROSS-STRAIT RELATIONS More on China’s use of cultural power to influence social change In January this year Art Radar Asia published a summary of an article printed in Canada’s Toronto Star regarding the Chinese government’s use of … Continue reading

What is the next step for the development of Chinese art? BBC video

CHINESE CONTEMPORARY ART AND PROPAGANDA POSTERS In a BBC clip made for the 60th anniversary of Communism in China, one of our readers Dr Katie Hill of the University of Westminster in London, traces the development of the visual image in China … Continue reading