Taiwanese digital photographer Wu Tien-chang’s figures are limbless and costumed

Formerly an oil painter, Taiwanese-born Wu Tien-chang’s fascination with reincarnation, karma and national identity has lead him to create unsettling “digital paintings.”

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Russian curators prosecuted for showcasing banned art: media round-up

RUSSIAN ART CURATORS BANNED ART LAW After a two-year trial, two Russian curators, Yury Samodurov and Andrei Yerofeyev, were declared guilty of “inciting religious hatred,” despite massive protest. Although they escaped the three-year prison sentence demanded by the prosecution, the judge … Continue reading

New York gallery Tyler Rollins holds rare showing of Thai artist Jakkai Siributr

A look at Jakkai Siributr’s take on commercial karma and the business of religion.

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Curator Rosa Maria Falvo on emerging Central Asian art scene- interview

CENTRAL ASIAN ART CURATOR Every industry has its gatekeepers, and the art world is no exception. In the complex world of identifying and valuing cultural and artistic significance, it is the curator who filters through the ‘noise’ to uncover the … Continue reading

Contemporary Tibetan art moves away from its religious origins

TIBETAN ART TRENDS In 2003, thirteen Tibetans and two Chinese living inside Tibet formed the Gendun Choephel Artists Guild, an organization of artists that hosted monthly rotating exhibits. They dismissed the general perception among Chinese of Tibetans as simply “ethnic,” … Continue reading