Melbourne Art Fair 2014 makes comeback with new talent and steady sales

After a disappointing 2012 edition of the biennial fair, the 25th edition of the Melbourne Art Fair 2014 reinvented itself to make a solid, promising comeback, with fresh new energy and delivering impressive attendance and satisfactory sales.

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ART HK repositions ASIA ONE section for 2012, now “heart” of fair

By centralising its ASIA ONE section, ART HK is attempting to assert its “unique” position as the “only world class art fair to have a 50/50 balance of Asian and Western participation”.

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What did the galleries say about ART HK 10? Art Radar Asia speaks to 19 dealers

HONG KONG ART FAIR Art Radar Asia attended ART HK 10 on Sunday with the aim of getting a perspective on the who is selling what to whom. Below we lay out the comments from and opinions of 19 of the … Continue reading