Chinese Cynical Realism: Fang Lijun and his “All Too Human World” – artist profile

Hong Kong’s Hanart TZ Gallery presents recent paintings and prints by renowned Cynical Realist artist Fang Lijun.

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Photo Gallery: views of Hong Kong’s past by Chinese photographer Fan Ho

Chinese master of black and white photography Fan Ho’s work was on show at Shanghai’s M97 Gallery until 12 November 2016. Launched in September 2016, “On the Stage of Life” featured a selection of vintage prints by Fan Ho, including … Continue reading

Inter-generational project reveals complexities of Cambodian diaspora: Pete Pin – interview

Art Radar speaks with Cambodian American photographer Pete Pin to learn more about how he uses participatory photography with the Khmer diaspora to reach out and repair lines of communication broken through trauma.

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North Korean life like Truman Show: Photography by Back Seung Woo

It is difficult to get a view of North Korea that isn’t pre-approved by the country’s authorities. South Korean Back Seung Woo’s photographs offer an alternative.

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Survey of Chinese contemporary art at San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

CHINESE ART SURVEY MUSEUM to 5 October 2008 San Francisco Museum of Modern Art: Half-Life of a Dream: Contemporary Chinese Art This selection of contemporary Chinese art from the Logan Collection reveals a spectrum of individual responses to the utopian … Continue reading