More than a market platform: Art Stage Singapore 2016 looks beyond sales – round-up

Art Radar rounds up the ambitious sixth edition of Art Stage Singapore, which has expanded its focus to include audiences as well as buyers.

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ART HK crash course: all you need to know – Art Radar past coverage

ART HK 12 is mere days away and to celebrate Art Radar offers a list of some of our past posts on the largest and most respected art fair in Asia dating back to 2008.

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Art for the masses: contemporary art on television and web – list

Art Radar takes a look at shows on television that deal with contemporary art, from elimination-style reality television and documentaries to sitcoms.

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Brain scans reveal the power of art – The Telegraph

As reported in The Telegraph in May 2011, some works of art have now been scientifically proven to provoke intense feelings of pleasure in human test subjects.

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ART HK 11 top topics media round-up: Ai Weiwei, Gao Weigang, ASIA ONE and gallery sales

Art Radar collects what journalists, critics, bloggers and Tweeters had to say on the top trends of ART HK 11: Ai Weiwei, Gao Weigang, ASIA ONE and gallery sales.

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ART HK 11 Hong Kong art fair: IQ2 debater Simon de Pury on beautiful art – interview

Art Radar catches up with iconic auctioneer Simon de Pury, in Hong Kong to participate in the latest IQ2 debate, the motion of which is “Art Must Be Beautiful”.

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Korean Eye exhibition in Saatchi Gallery London extended due to popularity

KOREAN CONTEMPORARY ART There is perhaps no greater indicator of changing tastes in London’s contemporary art scene and the West’s hunger for fresh cultural and artistic influences than the masses of people who came to witness the ‘Korean Eye: Moon … Continue reading