Hong Kong artists crowdfunding to bring largest exhibition of Hong Kong art to New York

Groundbreaking project “The 14th Factory” by Simon Birch in collaboration with Chinese and international artists is seeking a further USD300,000 to bring largest exhibition of Hong Kong art to Wall Street in New York.

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The continuous reinvention of Hong Kong art – Caroline Ha Thuc book review

Art writer Caroline Ha Thuc explains how Hong Kong’s contemporary art builds bridges between a place and its people. Hong Kong art is, according to art writer Caroline Ha Thuc, in a state of “continuous reinvention”.  In her newly released … Continue reading

Hong Kong art fair ART HK 11: First day fair impressions

Art Radar founder Kate Cary Evans, more than slightly overwhelmed by the magnitude of the 2011 edition of ART HK, reports on the alternative sections of the fair.

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Simon Birch is ringleader of artists in Hong Kong’s conceptual circus ‘Hope and Glory’

HONG KONG PUBLIC ART EXHIBITION Simon Birch, Hong Kong’s celebrated Englishman artist of Armenian heritage, becomes the ringleader of artists in his conceptual circus ‘Hope and Glory,’ which features a bevy of artists as creative collaborators. The exhibition, curated by … Continue reading

Hong Kong artist ‘anothermountainman’ debuts solo photo exhibition in UK

HONG KONG PHOTOGRAPHY IN UK The first solo photography exhibition in the UK by the Hong Kong artist ‘anothermountainman‘, (also known as Stanley Wong) is being presented by the Chinese Arts Centre in Manchester from April 16-June 12, 2010 . … Continue reading

Embedding the Bed in Public Space – interview Hong Kong artist and ParaSite director Tim Li

HONG KONG ART Is there anything more private than your bed at home? So why has artist Tim Li been taking his folding bed out in public onto the streets of Hong Kong? Art Radar learns more: Tim Li, once an … Continue reading