Political spectre looms over Ai Weiwei Taiwan exhibition – round up

“Ai Weiwei absent” wrapped up at TFAM on 29 January 2012 after a three-month-long run. Art Radar takes a look at its reception and the political questions surrounding the show.

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Large art is back, reports The Art Newspaper

According to The Art Newspaper, Large art is making a comeback. The resurgence of massive art comes on the crest of an increase in the number of gigantic gallery and museum spaces.

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Assistant-produced art: Do collectors buy it? Wall Street Journal

Artist-made or artist-designed: What do collectors want? The Wall Street Journal discusses the growing dependence contemporary artists have on their assistants.

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Ai Weiwei’s anthropomorphic army: 12 Zodiac Heads storm Somerset House London

An introduction to the Somerset House showing of detained Chinese activist artist Ai Weiwei’s 2010 “Zodiac Heads” by Art Radar‘s London-based guest writer Rajesh Punj.

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Tune in to Art International Radio for 30+ talks on Asian contemporary art

Online US-based radio ART on AIR, focussed on all things art, has produced a number of podcasts on Asian contemporary art that are worth making time for.

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Ai Weiwei transparent communicator: Interview Tate’s Juliet Bingham – Part I

Tate curator Juliet Bingham talks to Pippa Dennis on the challenges of curating Ai Weiwei’s Sunflower Seeds and the artist’s talent for social media.

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Ai Weiwei now represented by Lisson Gallery, show in Taipei announced

CHINESE ARTISTS GALLERY REPRESENTATION ART EXHIBITIONS TAIPEI Ai Weiwei’s name is appearing on contemporary art news websites weekly, with new shows, artworks and events constantly making headlines. Now, The Art Newspaper has revealed a potential 2011 show in Taiwan and artdaily.org … Continue reading