Video Art: Newfangled or here to stay? 6 must-read Art Radar posts

Though video art has been a cultural staple since the 1960s, it has proven especially popular with young and mid-career Asian artists. As part of our “lists” series, we’ve collected six of our best video art posts.

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Video artist Chen Chieh Jen’s diary for Taiwan society – Studio Banana TV interview

Most people in countries around the world move silently through their lives. Taiwanese video artist Chen Chieh Jen attempts to gives a voice to those less-represented.

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Taiwan digital art in rare established Paris gallery showing

Exhibition “False Friends/An Ephemeral Video Library” marks the first time Taiwanese digital art has been showcased in an established Paris gallery. Three Taiwanese artists, Ming-Yu Lee, Wu Shang Lin and Chia Wei Hsu, are among 24 international artists whose video-based works are on display in the city’s Jeu de Paume.

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Taiwanese photographers, video artists and an architect at 53rd Venice Biennale

TAIWANESE ARTISTS VENICE BIENNALE Though they span architecture, film and photography, the four Taiwanese artists featured in the 53rd Venice Biennale exhibition ‘Foreign Affairs’ share a common focus. Each looks at the unequal treatment of the disadvantaged in the midst of globalisation, and has taken action through distinctive, … Continue reading