Taiwanese painter Lien Chien Hsing’s fictional reality – picture feast

Lien Chien Hsing returns Taiwan to nature, imagining its future as a country of ruins, in his paintings on show as part of “Between Reality and Fiction: Sceneries of the Mind”.

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Taipei Fine Arts Museum director appointed after 2 years of controversy

With a new director Huang Hai-Ming set to take over in July 2012, observers hope the Taipei Fine Arts Museum will return to a more focused institutional direction.

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Emerging Taiwanese sound artist addresses environmental issues – interview with Hsu Yen-Ting

Taiwanese sound artist Hsu Yen-Ting discusses her latest project, inspired by the Cheng Long wetlands of Taiwan, the importance of active listening and whether art can be used to raise awareness of pressing societal issues.

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Engaging tour of public sculptures in Taipei – Borneo Post Online

In his November 2011 BorneoPost online article, writer Ghaz Ghazali explores Taipei and thrusts the city’s public art into the limelight.

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Taiwanese painter Hsaio Chu-Fang explores Brazil in IT Park solo – picture post

Award-winning Taiwanese artist Hsiao Chu-Fang held an exhibition of her Brazil-inspired paintings at Taipei gallery IT Park in June and July 2011.

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Yu-Chen Wang’s installations breathe new life into Manchester’s industrial past

Yu-Chen Wang looks at Britain’s industrial past during residency at Manchester’s Chinese Arts Centre. Click through for more about this work and the Centre.

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Tsong Pu discusses six artworks: Part III – On local recognition of local art and the cube redefined

TAIWANESE CONTEMPORARY ART INSTALLATION TAIWAN-CHINA RELATIONS ARTIST INTERVIEW When Tsong Pu was studying overseas in the 1970s he would introduce himself as Chinese or as being from China. Later, as China opened it’s borders and more art from the country was … Continue reading

"Post adolescent" art on display in two Taiwanese museums – picture feast

EMERGING ARTISTS TAIWANESE ART MUSEUM SHOWS COLLECTIONS An exhibition exploring the theme of “post adolescence” is presenting 72 works by younger generation Taiwanese artists, those between 25 and 35 years of age, in an effort to reveal their art creation … Continue reading