4 Myanmar street artists to know

As street art has been experiencing a creative surge in Southeast Asia in recent years, Art Radar profiles 4 artists from the Myanmar urban art scene still battling for freedom of expression.

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8 young Thai artists to know

Art Radar picks 8 Thai artists featured in Whitespace Gallery Bangkok’s Archive Show.

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Amazon puts the squeeze on Asia? Online sales giant eyes fine art market

Online retail giant Amazon plans to launch its first virtual art sales platform, hosting more than 1,000 artworks from over 125 galleries worldwide.

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Outside influences seep into Myanmar art scene – New York Times

In an article written for The New York Times, Ceil Miller Bouchet introduces us to the budding art scene in Yangon, the biggest city in isolated Myanmar.

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Writer Steven Pettifor talks about the old and the new in Thai contemporary art – Art Radar interview

THAI ART BOOK WRITER INTERVIEW Thailand has long had a small but very vibrant contemporary art scene. Compared with its recently-flourishing neighbours, however, contemporary Thai art hasn’t been getting much attention. Little has been written about it. Back in 2003, … Continue reading

Myanmar artists explore new media, produce courageous art

MYANMAR ART Asian Art News reports that some Burmese artists are bravely stepping outside the restrictions of censors and the pressures of the tourist market to create a new kind of art. Three commercial Thai galleries are supporting them: Suvannabhumi … Continue reading