Between hospitality and hostility: Iranian artist Abbas Akhavan at DRAF Studio London

Art Radar takes a look at Abbas Akhavan’s creative practice and his exploration of the tension between hospitality and hostility in his latest solo exhibition in London.

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Taiwanese artist Wu Tien-chang at festival of new media art MADATAC 08, Madrid

Art Radar takes a look at some of they key themes in Taiwanese artist Wu Tien-chang’s work, on show at Spain’s contemporary festival of new media arts MADATAC 08.

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‘Guerilla’ gallerist on introducing Banksy to Asia, art atmosphere in Hong Kong- interview

HONG KONG ART MARKET Two year old gallery Fabrik, known for its unique guerilla exhibitions and for bringing Western iconic artists to Asia, sets up permanent home in Hong Kong. The Fabrik Contemporary Art Gallery is young in Hong Kong, … Continue reading