Art Basel Hong Kong Salon 2017: The Art of Publishing, Digital Media and Cultural Journalism – videos

Art Basel Hong Kong industry professionals gathered to discuss key issues in the art world.

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Johnson Chang on Chinese art past, present and future – interview

Looking back on 30 years in Hong Kong art, Hanart TZ’s Johnson Chang discusses the changes over the decades and his plans for the future.

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Space: The final frontier for Hong Kong’s artists?

Artists in up-and-coming international art hub Hong Kong, one of the densest and most expensive cities in the world, find that land prices and low availability of space have a real impact on their art.

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Which Chinese artists are among the big names at Louis Vuitton Passion show in Hong Kong? NY Times review

HONG KONG ART SHOW CHINESE ARTISTS “Admirably …the conservative, government-run museum goes beyond its usual comfort zone” says The New York Times in its review of the Hong Kong Museum of Art’s latest show: ‘Louis Vuitton: A Passion for Creation’ which runs … Continue reading

Emerging Chinese installation artist Tozer Pak Sheung Chuen at Venice Biennale 2009

VENICE BIENNALE HONG KONG The award-winning young conceptual artist Tozer Pak Sheung Chuen will represent Hong Kong at the 53rd Venice Biennale (June to November 2009) with an exhibition of newly-created works and past works which will focus on the … Continue reading