Southeast Asian gallerist Valentine Willie retires from commercial art world

In a surprise move, renowned dealer Valentine Willie announced in September 2012 that he will close down at least three of his four gallery spaces in Southeast Asia next year.

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Major museum acquisitions for Malaysian contemporary artists Chong Kim Chiew, Yee I-Lann

In the first half of 2012, the Singapore Art Museum and the 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanawaza acquired works by two Malaysian artists: Chong Kim Chiew and Yee I-Lann.

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Mella Jaarsma in rare Manila performance art residency

Multidisciplinary artist Mella Jaarsma was one of four artists invited to take part in a rare performance art residency hosted by Filipino gallery Manila Contemporary.

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Political correctness enemy of good art says Valentine Willie – BFM podcast

We pull some quotes from a fascinating BFM podcast with Malaysian contemporary art specialist and dealer Valentine Willie. Find a link to the interview here, too.

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Overview Indonesian art – Only 5 of 50 auctionable artists today will have lasting value

INDONESIAN CONTEMPORARY ART HISTORY This long – save it for lunch-time! –  informative reportage piece written in 2008 is about the history of Indonesian contemporary art up to and including the 2008 art boom. Michael Vatikiotis employs anecdotes, artist interviews … Continue reading

Seismic changes in Indonesian art scene since 2007 Borobodur auction

    ART SCENE INDONESIA As a side event of the Christie’s autumn sales, a lecture called “Keep on Watching! The Yogyakartan Art Scene Today” was given on 29 November 2008 by Cemeti Art House gallerist Mella Jaarsma.  Today the Indonesian art … Continue reading