Hong Kong artists crowdfunding to bring largest exhibition of Hong Kong art to New York

Groundbreaking project “The 14th Factory” by Simon Birch in collaboration with Chinese and international artists is seeking a further USD300,000 to bring largest exhibition of Hong Kong art to Wall Street in New York.

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History Unfolding: Valerie Doran – interview

Art Radar conducts an extensive interview with Valerie Doran, the influential translator, critic and curator about her history working in the Chinese contemporary art scene.

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Valerie Doran curates STIGMATICS: cross-disciplinary project exploring body modification – event alert

Valerie Doran’s interdisciplinary project STIGMATICS, aims to show the varied facets of body modification as it exists in our society and incorporates two exhibitions and a discussion forum.

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Yang Fudong’s video installations a contemporary form of Chinese hand scrolls

Yang Fudong sheds some light on his unique aesthetic through on explanation of the video works now on show at Spring Workshop and Osage in Hong Kong.

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Contemporary art funding in Asia: 5 top posts

Art Radar’s ‘Lists’ series continues with a look at five of the top posts on contemporary art funding in Asia.

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Art districts in Asia: 5 top posts from 2008 to 2011

In the second post of our ongoing ‘Lists’ series, we dig deep into our archives to bring you the best and brightest posts written by us on the topic of ‘Art districts in Asia’.

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Is Hong Kong a cultural desert? How can you become a better collector? Answers revealed at Asia Art Forum

ART PROFESSIONALS HONG KONG ART INDONESIAN ART ART COLLECTING Guest writer Bonnie E. Engel, a Hong Kong freelance journalist, presents Art Radar Asia readers with her perspective on the talks of two speakers at the this year’s Asia Art Forum, held … Continue reading

Curator Valerie Doran on ‘Hope and Glory’ and challenges for Hong Kong art world – interview

HONG KONG CURATOR INTERVIEW For a place that has been repeatedly touted as a cultural desert, Hong Kong has managed to attract arts practitioners from many walks of life who are dedicated to working with the challenging realities present within … Continue reading