“Howie Tsui: Retainers of Anarchy”: exploring notions of nationhood in Hong Kong at Vancouver Art Gallery

Drawing on diverse influences such as martial arts and contemporary Hong Kong politics, Howie Tsui explores the liminal space between self-governance and lawlessness.

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“Juxtapoz x Superflat” curated by Takashi Murakami, Juxtapoz and Toilet Paper Magazine at Vancouver Art Gallery

Curated by Takashi Murakami and Juxtapoz magazine, “Juxtapoz x Superflat” at Vancouver Art Gallery presents artists working between commercial realms and the street.

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Photo Gallery: “BHARTI KHER Matter” at Vancouver Art Gallery, Canada

“BHARTI KHER Matter” at Vancouver Art Gallery in Canada is the Indian artist’s first major North American survey to date.

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Dystopian Utopia: Korean artist Lee Bul at the Vancouver Art Gallery

The Vancouver Art Gallery’s Institute of Asian Art 2015 feature exhibition presents recent works by acclaimed Korean artist Lee Bul.

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Knowledge larger than life: Indian artist group Raqs’ big book Vancouver installation

New Delhi based Raqs Media Collective creates a site-specific work entitled Primary Education of the Auto-didact, which focuses on an independent approach to interpretation.

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Chinese artist Huang Yong Ping’s once-banned ‘Bat Project’ gets first European showing

Work by Chinese artist Huang Yong Ping is being shown for the first time in Europe at a solo exhibition organised by UK-based Nottingham Contemporary.

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New York’s first major show of Anime, Manga and Video Games KRAZY! Japan Society

JAPANESE CONTEMPORARY ART MANGA ANIME KRAZY! The delirious world of Anime, Manga and Video Games March – June 14 2009 New York The influence of these three forms of Japanese contemporary art and popular culture has been sweeping across Asia and … Continue reading