Xu Bing on life, art, China and New York: ARTINFO studio interview – video

Art Radar links to a video interview by ARTINFO with contemporary Chinese artist Xu Bing, known for his unique approach to Chinese characters, calligraphy and printmaking.

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Video artist Chen Chieh Jen’s diary for Taiwan society – Studio Banana TV interview

Most people in countries around the world move silently through their lives. Taiwanese video artist Chen Chieh Jen attempts to gives a voice to those less-represented.

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Masanori Fukuoka on early 1990s Indian art collecting – Hindustan Times

Top Indian art was snapped up at low prices in the early 1990s by collectors like Masanori Fukuoka. He speaks to the Hindustan Times about his experience.

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Takashi interview number 3 in VernissageTV top 10 videos for 2010

While Chinese artist Ai Weiwei, perhaps unsurprisingly, claimed top spot with the channel’s video on his much-discussed Tate Modern exhibition, Sunflower Seeds, it seemed viewers thought that what Japanese Takashi Murakami had to say was worth third place in this list.

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Art so fresh it’s still wet at Contemporary Istanbul – video

VernissageTV has produced an insightful video on November’s Contemporary Istanbul 2010 where interviews with five gallery representatives are combined with shots of the fair hall. The video highlights, among other things, the growing sophistication of attending collectors and the freshness of the works being presented for sale. A new date for the fair is announced; next year the fair will coincide with the 12th International Istanbul Biennial.

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Jitish Kallat talks about Saatchi exhibition of Indian works to Economist – video

INDIAN CONTEMPORARY ART EXHIBITIONS LONDON VIDEO Between January and May this year, Indian contemporary artist Jitish Kallat displayed seven pieces, paintings, sculptures and installations, at Saatchi Gallery, London with 23 other contemporary Indian artists in an exhibition called “The Empire … Continue reading

Wilson Shieh revitalises ancient Chinese painting techniques – video

HONG KONG ARTISTS CHINESE INK PAINTING VIDEO Art Radar Asia brings you another video (length 5:22 minutes) from Internet channel ChooChooTV’s show [art]attack. This one features Wilson Shieh, one of the few full-time professional artists working in Hong Kong. Specialising in … Continue reading

Anti "commercial" art, Luk Tsing Yuen comments on corporate greed: video

INTERNET TV 3D ART VIDEO Art Radar Asia brings you yet another insightful video from Internet channel ChooChooTV’s show [art]attack. This four minute production allows Hong Kong-based social artist Luk Tsing Yuen to explain his art output and offers viewers … Continue reading