7 exhibitions and events not to miss at ACAW 2016 in New York

Asia Contemporary Art Week is a series of exhibitions, events and symposia held across New York City that seeks to heighten the awareness and visibility of contemporary art practices from Asia within the United States.

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LACMA’s ground-breaking “Islamic Art Now” – in pictures

LACMA’s first show of their contemporary Middle Eastern art collection charts the expanding perametres of Islamic art.

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Armory Focus 2015: Art from the Middle East, North Africa and the Mediterranean – in pictures

Armory Focus 2015, a curated section dedicated to art from a specific region of the globe, brings together art from the Middle East, North Africa and the Mediterranean at this year’s Armory Show.

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What is…robotic art? Art Radar explains

Art Radar explores the definition of robotic art through its origins, the seminal works of key artists in Asia and elsewhere and key exhibitions.

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Asia-Pacific’s 7 most shocking performance art pieces

From body mutilation to blood transfusion, performance artists tend to do strange things. But just how far will they go to express their art – and why bother? Read on for Asia-Pacific’s 7 most shocking art performances.

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Echo: Support for contemporary Iraqi art

Art Radar interviews Rijin Sahakian on the functions of Echo, a non-profit organisation formed in 2011 to support the growth of contemporary visual art in Iraq and its diaspora.

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80 per cent of Iraqi artists live elsewhere – Creativity vs Destruction review

IRAQ ART REVIEW Around 80 per cent of Iraq’s artists now live elsewhere but many are still driven to explore events in their former homeland, as is shown in Creativity vs Destruction, a group exhibition of Iraqi art in Edinburgh, … Continue reading