Chinese contemporary art – where to find the most up-to-date news

In her third and final article on online Chinese contemporary art resources, curator Rachel Marsden gives a list of blogs and websites to follow in order to keep up to date with what’s going on in China’s art scene.

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Art Basel Hong Kong 2013: Buying art at art fairs – 4 tips by Art Radar for Wall Street Journal

Art Radar founder Kate Cary Evans recently provided Wall Street Journal with four useful tips on how to tackle Art Basel Hong Kong 2013, the biggest art fair in Asia.

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India Art Fair 2012: For international galleries, India focus among emerging economies

A round-up of the India Art Fair which ended on 29 January 2012. Art Radar finds out what the overall reception of the fair was this time around.

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Japanese artist Hirotoshi Iwasaki draws time with video – picture feast

Thirty-year-old Japanese artist Hirotoshi Iwasaki combines drawing and animation to create flip book-like artworks and video pieces that explore time, memory and space.

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ART HK 11 top topics media round-up: Ai Weiwei, Gao Weigang, ASIA ONE and gallery sales

Art Radar collects what journalists, critics, bloggers and Tweeters had to say on the top trends of ART HK 11: Ai Weiwei, Gao Weigang, ASIA ONE and gallery sales.

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Is Hong Kong’s current art climate failing local artists? Wall Street Journal discusses

HONG KONG ART SCENE NONPROFIT SECTOR As Hong Kong’s commercial sector continues to grow in leaps and bounds, has the city’s independent art scene been forgotten? A critical report from the Wall Street Journal marks 2010 as a year in … Continue reading

Artnews names top ten international art collectors, most Forbes-named billionaires

Artnews has compiled, in close consultation with art industry professionals, a list of the top ten international collectors. Not surprisingly, nine out of the ten are named on the Forbes billionaires list. Modern and contemporary art prove a popular choice.

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