“The Winding Path to Trueness”: Chinese artist Zheng Guogu explores energy, space and human experience at Vitamin Creative Space’s Mirrored Gardens

In the exhibition presented in Mirrored Gardens in the Panyu District of Guangzhou, Zheng Guogu creates a space where energy converges.

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On the relevance of tradition in Chinese contemporary art: “Everyday Legend” at Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum

“Everyday Legend” at Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum asks how relevant traditional culture is in the production of Chinese contemporary art.

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Shanghai’s new Fosun Foundation holds inaugural artnet Awards 2016

Fosun Foundation celebrates the opening of its new spaces with a gala that included the launch of the new arnet Awards, as well as the official presentation of the fourth edition of the Global Chinese Art Auction Market Report.

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“Digging a Hole in China”: exploring Land Art in the context of Chinese contemporary art

Group show “Digging a Hole in China” at OCAT Shenzhen investigates the “potential of land” when facing political and economical issues of globalisation, property and production.

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UK’s largest exhibition of Chinese art at Asia Triennial Manchester – in pictures

Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art’s Jiang Jiehong tells Art Radar about curating shows in 6 venues in Manchester featuring 30 renowned Chinese artists as part of Asia Triennial 2014 themed “Conflict and Compassion”.

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Alternate realities: 4 virtual exhibitions to see in October 2014

Art goes online, Art Radar lists 4 online exhibitions to view from your home this October.

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Emphasis on viewer experience not sales: Vitamin Creative, Cao Fei at Frieze

ALTERNATIVE ART SPACES CHINA ART FAIRS As well as representing the likes of Zheng Guogu, Koki Tanaka and the Yangjiang Group, China’s Vitamin Creative Space and its ethos is perhaps best observed in their recent collaboration with Cao Fei, Room … Continue reading

Saatchi back with new gallery, school programme, China show, – Reuters, BBC

COLLECTOR SHOW CHINESE ART Influential British art collector Charles Saatchi is back after three years out of the limelight, opening a major new gallery in central London showcasing some of China’s hottest artists reports Reuters. The man who introduced the … Continue reading