“Using the past to serve the present”: China’s Zhu Wei – artist profile

Zhu Wei participates in an exhibition at London’s Kristin Hjellegjerde Gallery with nuanced pieces using an ancient painting method.

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“China 8”: Germany’s largest show of contemporary Chinese art

Nine museums across eight cities unite for the largest ever show of contemporary Chinese art in Germany.

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What went for how much at Art Beijing 2012? Red dot round up

Art Beijing 2012 ran for three days from 30 April to 2 May. Art Radar stopped by the fair on the final afternoon and went hunting for red dots. Here are some of the works that sold.

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Startlets born? Hong Kong portrait exhibit spotlights 6 top artists

Is the line between artists and celebrities blurring? A portrait photography exhibition in Hong Kong shows top artists as a subject.

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The Singapore Tyler Print Institute – international art collaboration at world-class print studio – profile

CONTEMPORARY ASIAN ART ORGANIZATIONS Art Radar remains devoted to sharing important and unique Asian arts institutions with readers, and few are as exciting as the Singapore Tyler Print Institute. Regular art fair goers may already be familiar with the institute, … Continue reading