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Can I Use Krylon Spray Paint On Leather?

Can I Use Krylon Spray Paint On Leather?

Does spray paint work on fabric or clothing? Krylon can be used on clothing and fabric. Table of contents 1. can you use spray paint on leather? 2. is spray paint permanent on leather? 3. what is the best kind of paint to use on leather? 4. will spray paint…

Can I Use Acrylic Paint On Candles?

Can I Use Acrylic Paint On Candles?

Using non-toxic water-based acrylic paint on candles is safe as far as acrylic paint is concerned. To ensure that the acrylic paint does not burn directly by the flame, only apply it to the candle’s surface away from the candlewick. Table of contents 1. is acrylic paint safe to use…

Can I Use Acrylic Paint On A Canvas Bag?

Can I Use Acrylic Paint On A Canvas Bag?

Paint with acrylic properties dries up faster, allowing you to apply many layers or apply crisp lines; acrylic paint is better for smaller canvas surfaces (such as tote bags), but it is harder to blend colors. As well as looking darker when it dries on canvas, acrylic paint also has…

What Paint Can Be Used On Radiators?

What Paint Can Be Used On Radiators?

Paints formulated for metal surfaces, such as X-O, can be used. You can use Rust Paint & Primer in One if your radiator is not functioning properly. Premium Décor high-heat aerosol enamel or Premium Décor non-aerosol oil-based, high-heat enamel should be used on a working radiator to withstand high temperatures….

Can Fabric Paint Be Used On Plastic?

Can Fabric Paint Be Used On Plastic?

Paints that are specifically designed to adhere to plastics should be used. Krylon Fusion for Plastic, Valspar Plastic Spray Paint, and Rust-Oleum Specialty Paint For Plastic Spray are some of the products available on the market. It is necessary to primed your item if you are using regular spray paint….

Is CBD Set to Replace Most Major Pain Medications?

Is CBD Set to Replace Most Major Pain Medications?

Modern medicine is a miracle. Thanks to vaccines and medications we have eradicated a number of deadly diseases. And we have already seen the marvel of modern science in how swiftly the Covid vaccine was rolled out to battle this pandemic.

But today we want to look at a specific type of medication. A type that has brought a lot of benefits and help to a lot of people. But has also caused a lot of problems, including one of the biggest addiction epidemics in American history. This is of course the opioid epidemic.

Yes, today we are looking at major pain medications. And, more importantly, is CBD set to replace most of these medications going forward.

The Nature of Pain Medication

Medical professionals have been employing pain relief methods for as long as they have been practicing medicine. But it wasn’t until the 1600’s that we saw Doctors using a standard pain relief method in the form of Opium. Further, through history, we saw chloroform being used to sedate patients and relieve pain. Then we had the big one, morphine, appear in 1803.

Morphine is still used to this day as one of the main pain killers for patients in a hospital. It is, of course, given in controlled dosages. But there is a risk with it being highly addictive. Luckily it is very difficult to actually get your hands on morphine.

But opioids are a bit easier to get your hands on. And as such is one of the most common drugs to become addicted to. And it is a vicious cycle. So many people simply started taking opioids, such as Vicodin, to relieve the pain related to an illness or injury. And they soon find themselves addicted. It’s the ultimate catch-22. The drug meant to help people sends them down an even darker path.

What is CBD and How it Works

You will most likely have heard about CBD by now. It is everywhere. Seemingly appearing out of nowhere to become an overnight sensation. CBD is a Cannabidiol discovered in 1940. And yes, Cannabidiol is from the same family as the infamous THC. Commonly known as Weed or Marijuana.

From this, you can most likely work out what CBD is and does. But there are some significant differences between CBD and THC. Whereas THC has a lot of effects on the human mind, CBD has nearly no effect on it. Instead, CBD seems to focus on pain relief and relaxation. The chemicals released to give you a body high without the head high, to put it simply.

Marijuana has been used as a pain medication for some years now. It has been proven to be
extremely effective for a number of ailments, including mental health issues such as anxiety. But it is still a hot-button topic for a number of reasons. One of the main ones is that the lifestyle associated with THC and Marijuana is addictive. This can be confusing to hear since THC itself is non-addictive. But the chemical releases in the brain and the way it makes you feel is addictive in itself.

CBD on the other hand is both non-addictive and doesn’t change your brain state enough to create an addictive lifestyle. But it is an effective painkiller and is just as useful for battling anxieties and depression.

Why CBD might Replace Pain Medication

The biggest and most obvious reason that CBD might replace pain medications is because of the lack of negative side effects or risk of addiction. In medical terms, this is a godsend. CBD does have a few risks of nausea or dry mouth, but these are very manageable compared to some of the side effects associated with powerful opioids.

Drug addiction is one of the biggest issues facing the United States. And it costs people millions of dollars a year in rehab costs and drug costs. Not to mention the emotional impact it has on families. Watching those they love spiral down into addiction. Whereas CBD has no risk of this happening.

CBD is also far easier to produce and manage. We can create mixtures of nearly any percentage of CBD with ease. And it is easy to acquire too; you can get 100% pure CBD oil or 50% strength from any good vape or CBD store. Whereas a pain medication with similar pain relief effects will require a prescription and a trip to the pharmacy.

Why CBD might Not Replace Pain Medication

In reality, it is unlikely CBD will replace all pain medications. While it is powerful, it is nowhere near as potent as morphine or Vicodin. So for some ailments, it is just not feasible to make use of CBD over traditional medications.

But there is a far more sinister reason that CBD won’t ever fully replace pain medications. Big Pharma. One of the most efficient, and evil business fields in the world. Medication is one of the most profitable businesses in the United States. Each year big pharma firms make millions upon millions from hospitals and people needing medication.

This is why CBD is facing an uphill battle. It simply isn’t as profitable for big pharma as traditional pain medication. Since it can be produced by smaller companies and there is no regulation on who is allowed to distribute or buy it. While big pharma can’t deny the benefits of CBD, chances are they will lobby politicians to regulate it and fight against it is the new major pain relief treatment option.

But even with their intervention, it seems CBD has made its mark and is nowhere to stay. All over the globe people are incorporating CBD into their daily lives. CBD vape pens. CBD gummies and Oils. Even smoking CBD in plant form has become the norm.

Is Warframe Set to Become the Most Played Game

If you are someone that has been a gamer for some time now, you will know that the world of gaming has changed tremendously. If we look back to a couple of decades ago, the idea of gaming reaching the point that it has would be unimaginable. When gaming first gained popularity, gamers were limited to enjoying 2D games which all followed similar narratives and objectives, but now games are almost like their own little cinematic universes with a variety of stories that appeal to all kinds of gamers.

The advancement of the games that we all know and love is the main reason that gaming has become so popular. Gaming was never something that was big in the mainstream, but these days it is hard to find someone that doesn’t enjoy kicking back and playing their favorite game.

Due to the fact that gaming is so popular, every year there is a signature game that everyone eagerly waits for the release of. Games that have a big enough hype in the media can make billions upon release due to how many people eagerly buy them. However, something that you may not know is that some of the most sought-after games don’t make nearly as much as some of the other games released onto the market.

Some of the most anticipated games that are being released onto the market are actually free-to-play games, which cost nothing to download and enjoy.  These games are enjoyed due to just how inclusive they are for gamers, as it doesn’t matter how much money you make in order to be able to play these games.

One of the biggest free-to-play games right now is Warframe. Warframe is a third-person shooter that sees the player taking on the role of a high-tech alien fighter with access to brilliant weapons and melee attacks. This game has received millions of downloads all over the world and there are even websites that give you guides and builds to help you play Warframe, which means that just about anyone can pick it up and enjoy it. It is predicted that warframe is set to become the most played game available, but is this true, and if it is, why?


The Lore

If you are a game geek then it is likely that you love game lore. Game lore adds layers to the game you play and gives the world in which you are playing a history, which only increases the feeling of immersion that you get while playing.   When the game was first introduced its lore was virtually non-existent, but as the game has increased in popularity the game developers have put a lot of work into ensuring that it has detailed lore that allows the player to gain a deeper understanding of the world that you are playing.

The game focuses on a race of people known as the Tenno. The Tenno is a race of warriors that have been dormant for thousands of years, only to be awakened to find that the planet that they once ruled has now fallen into a war between factions.  The Tenno are an alien-like race with some badass fighting ability, so if you are someone that loves playing as something that is not human, then you have to absolutely check this game out.


It’s free to play

One of the main reasons that this game has continued to gain popularity over the years is because it is completely free to play. There are certain aspects of the game that you can spend money on, such as ingame currency, but you don’t have to spend anything to play.

Though there are a lot of free-to-play games on the market, this one has continued to be so popular due to the fact that it feels absolutely nothing like a free-to-play game. The gameplay that you experience while enjoying this game is similar to games that cost upwards of fifty dollars. Due to the fact that this game has had constant development throughout the last few years, the gameplay that it offers has only continued to improve and it looks as though it will only get better.

The New Regulations Surrounding Exotic Pet Ownership in the USA

Exotic pets may require exotic insurance solutions | PropertyCasualty360I think it is fair to say that we all got hooked on the show that absolutely everyone was watching during the lockdown. I am, of course, referring to  The Tiger King, a show that followed the life of the exotic animal shelter owner, Joe Exotic.

The documentary series gave us an insight into the grim world of exotic pet ownership and showed the extent that people would go to to be the owner of some of the most exotic pets in the world. Though the documentary started by simply showing us all of the brilliant aspects of being an exotic pet owner, it quickly turned into something more sinister when a member of the exotic team, unfortunately, lost an arm while caring for a tiger.

This documentary enlightened us all to the world of exotic pet ownership, and if you, like me, we’re a little curious, you may have looked into more cases. It turns out that exotic pet ownership in the USA is more common than you may think. Before the events of the documentary encouraged public outcry, the laws concerning erotic pets in the USA were actually extremely relaxed.

The Old laws

Exotic pet trade, explainedLess than a year ago, there was almost complete freedom when it came to purchasing exotic animals. It was basically a case of as long as you can afford it, you can do it- as it is with most aspects of life. Those who did own exotic animals usually kept it quiet and only spoke with other exotic pet owners, which meant that not many people knew about the existence of home-owned exotic pets.

There were limitations on the pets that you could purchase and keep at home, and it was against the law to keep pets close to extinction as they needed to be within conservation parks.

Why was there a review of the laws?

There were several reasons why it was decided to implement new laws concerning exotic pet ownership, but one of the main reasons was the safety of the owners.  You may be aware of a story about a woman who raised a monkey from infancy. This monkey was very kind-natured and lived with the family as though it was a child. However, something changed within him one day, and he attacked a family friend, completely ripping away her face.

A widespread misunderstanding among exotic pet owners was that if the animals were raised alongside humans, they would start to pick up human characteristics and forget about their animalistic side. This, of course, was not the case, as once the animals reached sexual maturity, they naturally picked up aggressive behavior patterns. No matter what you tried to do, you could not stop nature, making these animals incredibly dangerous.

If you think about an animal like a monkey or a wild cat, as they get older, they get incredibly large and incredibly strong, which human strength can not compare to. Many exotic pet owners even tried to give their aggressive animals cbd dog treats to try and calm them down, but of course, this did not work.  Many exotic pets that people were bringing into their homes were natural predators, so their natural predator instincts would naturally start to set in overtime.

Animal Cruelty

Exotic Pet Ownership Tips - Animal EmbassyAnother one of the main reasons why the regulations concerning exotic animal ownership changed was animal cruelty. When in the wild, animals have access to an endless landscape to explore and exercise in. If you have ever been to a zoo and felt as though the enclosure wasn’t big enough, think about how bad someone’s private property will be in comparison.

There was a lot of cruelty when it came to giving the animals the right diet, as the people that bought them did not understand what they had to eat and what they would have access to in the wild. This was especially the case for monkey owners, as due to their similarities to humans, people thought they could feed them like an ordinary child, which deprived the animals of all that they needed in terms of nutrients. The pet owners also didn’t consider that their food intake would have to triple as the animals got bigger. This was a big problem for exotic cat owners, as after sexual maturity, they would need a constant supply of meat to allow them to grow accordingly.

An inevitable part about owning an exotic animal was that they would eventually be released into the wild once they reached a certain age. The issue with being raised with humans their entire lives was that once the animals were ready to be released, they didn’t have any survival skills that they would have had if they were raised in the wild.

This means that many of the animals that were eventually released into the wild did not have the tools to survive, which meant that many of them died quite quickly for several reasons. The unfortunate thing is that many died simply because they didn’t know how to find the food they needed to survive, which they would have in the wild.

Warzone Season 4: What’s New?

If you are someone that loves to game and you love the Call of Duty game franchise in particular, then you will be very excited at the introduction of the brand new season of War Zone. Every new season comes with its own brand new and amazing features, and if you are someone who has already played the previous seasons, you know you can expect some seriously entertaining content.

The newer Call of Duty game modes has been promised to be the best yet, with fantastic weapons and cool game modes. A lot is coming to the brand new season, from new weapons to brand new warzone hacks that are bound to make the gaming experience much funnier than it already is. Many brand new things are coming, and it can be hard to keep track of what you should try out when released. Here is what you can expect from season four of Warzone.

Warzone Season 4 Operators

If you are a regular Warzone player, you will know just how important your operator is. The operators you can play with represent all of the tasks you have completed while playing a game, which means that your operators are a good indication of your own skill.

You can unlock operators for many reasons, from the amount of time you have played to the challenges and game modes you participated in. The best part about Warzone operators is that they can be customized to fit your own personal taste, but who exactly can you expect to meet in the new season?

Season four welcomes three new and creative operators that you are bound to love. First of all, we get Weaver. Weaver is a Nato CIA officer that unfortunately only has one eye due to losing the other in combat. Weaver is one badass dude, and if you like someone with a cool backstory, then you are going to enjoy Weaver.

If you want someone with a bit of edge, you will love playing with the second new operator, Jackal. As you can probably tell from his name, Jackal is one interesting character that is a masked mercenary leader. His face is covered with an interesting metal covering, and once you reach level 100, the metal on his character will become iridescent, which will not only make you stand out from other players, but it will show just how much work you have put into the game.

Lastly, the newest operator that you can expect to play within the newer season is Salah. Salah is a counterterrorism expert, and she is one badass lady.  If there is something that this game wants to promote, it is that all women can be badass women, and for that reason, we are glad that Salah has been introduced to the game, and we expect that the fans will love her just as much as we will.

Brand new minigames

Even if you are a big fan of the base game, now and again, we all need a break from continuously playing the same game mode on repeat. If you can relate to that, you will be glad to know that there is a brand new minigame being added to the game this season.  This mini-game is Verdansk Resurgence, and this game mode has no more than 45 operators in a single game, which means that the duration of the game mode is much shorter. This is great for anyone that wants a quick match in between the grind of daily life.

Sometimes games can take over an hour to complete, which many of us do not have time for, so having smaller game mode options will only increase the quality of our play. This won’t be available as soon as the season starts, and you can expect to play this game mode halfway through the season. If you are disappointed in that, think of how disappointed you would be if there were no updates throughout the season.

If you are eager to return some of the classic game modes, you will be excited to hear that Payload is back. If you have never played this game mode before, it basically consists of two opposing teams trying to sabotage or score two caravans, and it is a whole lot of fun.

Brand New Vehicles

Though I am sure you love the current vehicle options available in-game, it can’t hurt to have some new ones to try your hand at. Many people have been eager for some fast vehicles that offer a lot of fun. The game developers listened, and in the new season, you can expect to ride dirt bikes.

Dirt bikes offer a lot more mobility than some of the other vehicles in the game, and you can use them to jump ramps and even get to the top of buildings. Some criticism that people had for the previous vehicles was that they limited where you could go, which many people believed took away from the gameplay. Now with the brand new dirt bike, you can go essentially anywhere you can walk.

Breaking Down the UK’s Current Travel Restrictions

Traveling is one of the most enjoyable things for people to do, with hundreds of countries to visit and explore, traveling is one thing that never gets old. The UK is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world with the amazing capital city London having so much to do and see, to smaller cities like Liverpool, home of The Beatles, there is plenty for you to do there. When it comes to traveling planning the trip can either be stressful or to some people it is just as fun as the trip itself. There is a lot to think about and include in your plan when you’re starting to organize your holiday, from what time flights to get, where to stay, where to visit, when to go, etc. If you’re going to London there would be a lot to plan for, as it is such a big city you’ll want to make sure you stay in a good area, close to the things you want to do, and you’ll want to do some research on anything else you might need from wifi solutions for hotels in London in case your wifi goes off to the best café to get pancakes for breakfast. Now, due to the new travel restrictions, there is more that you need to think about on this trip, the new rules depend on which list the country you’re traveling is on, we’ve summed up all the important information for you.

Green List

The UK government has decided to implement a traffic light system to allow their citizens to easily be able to follow the travel advice and to make it clear what the rules are so no one gets confused. The green list is for the list of places that the British government deemed the safest, this is figured out based on many factors including cases per day, which variants are prominent, deaths per day, and vaccination rate. As the UK is one of the leading countries in vaccinations, the government is being strict on traveling as they don’t want infected people to arrive and ruin any progress made since the vaccination rollout began. The travel restrictions for any countries on the green list state that to travel depends on the entry requirements of the destination whether or not you need to take a pre-departure flight. This does vary from country to country, for example, Malta does not require this as it instead requires you to be fully vaccinated but Croatia does, so make sure you’re checking these first. To return to the UK, or to fly here, you need to have a negative PCR dated within the last 3 days of your flight and before you can return you must also have a PCR test booked for day 2 of your arrival in the UK.

Amber List

Most countries are on the amber list as the British government hasn’t deemed them to be safe enough for Brits to travel to, it is assumed that when their vaccine program catches up most countries will be moved to the green list, but this could still be a long way off. If you travel to an amber list destination then you’ll need to follow the same advice as to the green list, a test before boarding your flight to the UK, and a test for day 2, but you will also have to book another PCR test for day 8. The big difference between these 2 lists is that when you arrive back in the UK you are not required to self-isolate but if you’re coming from an amber list country you are. This rule is soon to change for those who have had both doses of their vaccination, they will soon be able to visit amber list countries and in return follow the green list advice.

Red List

The red list is for the countries that the government think poses the most threat to the coronavirus situation in the UK. The red list includes quite a lot of countries such as India and Tanzania. If you’re visiting a red list country from the UK then you’ll still have to follow the entry requirements of the country that you’re visiting as some of these countries aren’t currently allowing people to enter. When coming back to the UK you’ll still have to take a pre-departure test to board the flight but this list is treated very differently to the green and amber. On arrival back in the UK, you’ll be required to self-isolate for 10 days. This is now mandatory and you must self-isolate in a controlled environment, these are the quarantine hotels. They cost just under £2000 for the 10 days and all meals are brought straight to you.

A Look at Why More and More People are Moving to Virginia

Right now is one of the most popular times to move house. As many more people are deciding to sell up and move on, they are not just limiting themselves to staying within their current state.   Many people are making the leap and choosing to move to Virginia, you have probably noticed the mass migration and may be wondering why people are choosing to live on the Atlantic coast. You yourself may be looking for a new place to call home and may want to know what all of the fuss is about.  Here is why more and more people are moving to Virginia.  


Fun things to do in Virginia 

One of the main reasons that so many people are choosing to move to Virginia is because it is well known for the number of fun activities that you can do there. Along with having some of the best weather all year round,  there are a number of entertainment-based businesses that have set up shop in Virginia. This means that if you were to move to Virginia then you would not find yourself easily bored.  

Something that Virginia is known for is the outdoor activity companies that they have. These companies charge you a small fee and allow you to access their outdoor facilities. Something that Virginia is known for is its rich culture and love of water sports, so if you are someone that is particularly fond of outdoor activities then you will find a lot of ways to occupy your time.  

If you are someone with children and you want to keep their time occupied then moving to a location like Virginia may be appealing to you. 


The prices of property in Virginia 

Over a decade ago there was an initiative in Virginia after a natural disaster destroyed many of the homes that were in the state. The initiative was based on building homes at an affordable price so that many of the people that unfortunately lost their homes could afford to restart in a new property.   

Many of the people that chose to purchase these homes decided that they did not want to stay in them for the long term as many of them were simply not big enough to house growing families.  This meant that there were plenty of homes put onto the property market at extremely low prices. With so many people moving and in and out of Virginia, you will not struggle to find a home that suits your lifestyle. 

The best part about the continuous flexibility of the housing market in Virginia is that if you decide you are not happy with where you have decided to move it is extremely easy to sell your property.  There are plenty of great real estate agents in Virginia and if you want to move on,  you can sell your house in Virginia fast here with these guys.


Virginia has a buzzing nightlife 

For those of you that love a night on the town, you will be glad to know that Virginia has an amazing nightlife. Though Virginia is not exactly known for its nightlife, unlike other locations like Miami and LA, many people believe that Virginia has some of the best nightlife in all of America.  

What really sets Virginia’s nightlife apart from other cities and states is its affordability. If you were to head to one of the major cities in America, you could expect to spend upwards of one hundred dollars on a single night, not including entry fees to clubs. In Virginia, the night scene is busy, but not overwhelmingly so.  

There may be some instances where you have to line up for the club, it will never be for more than ten minutes. A lot of the clubs are owned by local businessmen, which means they are not a part of a bigger franchise.  Because a lot of the owners are local to Virginia, they are aware of the money that people are willing to spend while at the club and so they do not push their prices to extortionate levels. 

The clubs and bars within Virginia also have a more intimate feel to them, you are more than just a customer when you step into a Virginia bar, you are part of the family.  


Low crime rates in Virginia 

Something that Virginia happily boasts is its low crime rates. The laws in Virginia are quite strict when it comes to crime and if you are found breaking the law, you can expect to get quite a hefty punishment. This works as an incentive for people to not commit crimes, as even lower-level crimes result in quite bad punishments.  


The Virginian community also comes together quite frequently, in many neighborhoods you can expect to find a neighborhood watch. This watch works quite closely with the police to ensure the safety of the community and aside from the odd people, mostly everyone follows the rules quite strictly. 

If you are someone that has children, you will know that worrying about their safety is something that is continuously on your mind. These days it feels impossible to give your children the freedom to head out and do what they want. Though you will still have that worry if you move to Virginia, you will know that they are far less at risk. 

Gaming News: Is PlayerUnknown In Financial Trouble? 

PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds is a very popular, fun-to-play video game. It’s a multiplayer game which makes it super appealing as it allows friends and family to play together, and it is a battle royale style game. It was developed by PUBG and was inspired by the early 2000’s film ‘Battle Royale’ and it was released by them onto Steam in March 2017, later that month it was released onto Xbox One and the following year in 2018 it became a mobile game. As it became available on more platforms is became even more popular and had more people playing it than ever.

It’s a highly competitive game and there have been hundreds of players finding sneaky ways to one-up their opponents for the win, if you’re one of these people then have a look online for these cheats and tips as this will help you win more with pubg mobileIt’s an enjoyable game as each round it basically resets and you have an equal chance of winning as the rest of the people you’re playing against as players don’t start with any equipment, they all parachute into the same map and have to find tools and weapons once they land meaning no player has an advantage with better equipment before the game begins. Despite the success of the game initially, in recent gaming news, there have been rumors circulating that Player Unknown is in financial trouble, keep on reading to find out more. 

Financial Background 

Player Unknown Battlegrounds got off to a great start financially, when it was initially released in March 2017 in the first 3 days alone the game had made $11 million, which is a huge amount even for a video game. Then following the initial purchases in the next month sales exceeded $34 million which means this game lands a place on the top 10 list for highest-grossing revenue within 1 month. This trend continued, by the start of May the game had brought in $60 million and by the end of May, only 3 months after its release the game had reached $100 million in sales revenue, reaching this major milestone faster than extremely popular games such as Minecraft. In 2018 its popularity grew even more, it became the 2nd most downloaded mobile game in the world, with over 300 million downloads. The country that this game was most popular in and made up most of the market was China with 29% of all the game’s downloads. 

What Changed 

This game was received better than ever expected, it gained a big audience on release and managed to carry on attracting more players consistently and grew even bigger the following year. So, what happened then for a game that was doing this well to end up with the company that developed it in financial trouble? The reason they’re now in financial trouble is due to the Chinese government legislation changes around in-game selling. As we told you earlier China was the biggest market for the game, so this change was really damaging, the developers of the game are still waiting for the approval of the Chinese media regulator. Many people believe it is due to politics between the Chinese and South Korea, although Beijing hasn’t formally imposed a ban on things by South Korean companies, since 2017 no games based on South Korean content have been granted approval by the media regulator. This has massively impacted the earnings of the game and it is unlikely to be resolved unless South Korea and China improve their relationship. 

Deconstructing Trends: How Vaping Became so Popular

Tobacco leaves have been the source of a buzz or a subtle rush for thousands of years. Along with nicotine, tobacco in cigarettes has provided an addictive pleasure that many governments around the world have taxed heavily to make it an expensive pastime. Cigars and at one-time snuff was popular, though the last couple of decades has seen the popularisation of vaping, without some of the problems created by nicotine.


The Decline of Smoking

Only a few decades ago when it seemed that most people smoked, it was fashionable to be seen with a cigarette. In fact, stars of the sport of screen endorsed the product. Women who smoked were looked upon as chic. Tobacco companies paid stars thousands of dollars – as well as a year’s supply of cigarettes – to promote their products on and off-screen. A report published in the journal Tobacco Control in 2008 reveals how Hollywood stars made millions promoting tobacco. In 1937-8, actors including Gary Cooper, Joan Crawford, Clark Gable, and Spencer Tracy, were each paid $10,000 (the equivalent to $146,000, or £80,000, in today’s money) by American Tobacco to promote its Lucky Strike brand. That year, the cigarette company paid film stars $218,750 – more than $3m at today’s prices. Almost 200 stars, including two-thirds of the top box-office actors of the late 1930s and 1940s, were contracted to tobacco companies.

By the early 1950s, the tobacco industry switched its attention to the TV. But by 1980, smoking on screen was making a comeback, despite increased knowledge of the dangers to health. Around that time ‘The Marlboro Man’ could be seen on billboards across America and in most parts of the world between 1954 and 1999. The image created by Marlboro of the white, adventuresome cowboy, alone on the frontier, was cultivated by 19th Century Wild West Shows. Before this campaign, Marlboro was considered a “women’s” smoke. Within a year of Marlboro Man’s debut, the company went from holding only a one percent market share to being the fourth bestselling brand in America. America loved Marlboros: Sales hit $5 billion in 1955, an over 3000 percent increase over 1954—the year prior to the Marlboro Man campaign.

Before these popular slogans were “Reach for a Lucky instead of a sweet,” “More doctors smoke Camels,” and Marlboro’s early “Ivory tip protects your lips.”  The good times for tobacco companies came to an end with restrictions on who and where people could smoke followed by multi-million-dollar lawsuits brought about by families of cancer victims that saw many tobaccos file for bankruptcy.


Rising Costs

The sky-high cost of smoking cigarettes publicized health risks and bans on smoking in public places has seen the rise in vaping. The man recognized as the inventor of vaping is a Chinese smoker and pharmacist Hon Lik who introduced what we know as the e-cigarette in 2003. Back in 1927, Joseph Robinson came up with the first “electric vaporizer,” a device he said was for “medicinal compounds.” What was believed to be the first US patent for an “electric vaporizer” was filed by him. Robinson believed his device would it easier to inhale vapors “without any possibility of being burned.” Herbert Gilbert filed a patent for this “smokeless non-tobacco cigarette” on April 17. 1963 and Jed Rose, who invented the first nicotine patch, experimented with “distilled smoke” in his laboratory at UCLA in the 1980s.

Lik was a heavy smoker who used up to three packs of cigarettes a day. He was determined to invent a new device after his own father, who was also a smoker, died of lung cancer. “I believed that if I could use vapor to simulate cigarette smoke, this could help me,” Lik, who now smokes cigarettes and vapes commented.

There is evidence that e-cigarettes can help people quit smoking if they’re part of a larger cessation program and receive support and counseling. The British government’s medical service the NHS wrote: “A major UK clinical trial published in 2019 found that, when combined with expert face-to-face support, people who used e-cigarettes to quit smoking were twice as likely to succeed as people who used other nicotine replacement products, such as patches or gum. You will not get the full benefit from vaping unless you stop smoking cigarettes completely. You can get advice from a specialist vape shop or your local stop smoking service.