Ai Weiwei’s name is appearing on contemporary art news websites weekly, with new shows, artworks and events constantly making headlines. Now, The Art Newspaper has revealed a potential 2011 show in Taiwan and reports that Lisson Gallery will represent the artist.

Lisson Gallery, London. Image from

Lisson Gallery, London. Image from

What The Art Newspaper said about Ai Weiwei’s Taipei exhibition:

Expect political fireworks in 2011 with plans by controversial Chinese artist Ai Weiwei to mount an exhibition at Taipei Fine Arts Museum in Taiwan from October, giving the Chinese authorities another headache, no doubt.

What said about Ai Weiwei’s Lisson Gallery representation:

Lisson Gallery announces that it is now representing artist Ai Weiwei. … ‘We have had a growing appreciation of Ai Weiwei’s work and achievement over the last few years and are very pleased that this most significant world of artists has agreed to work with us. The idea-based and sculptural nature of his work adds significantly to Lisson Gallery’s evolving history.’ – Nicholas Logsdail

Art Radar was at Ai Weiwei’s November 2010 studio party in Shanghai where the artist served 10,000 river crabs to guests, using them as a jibe at officialdom.

UPDATE: Ai Weiwei’s Shanghai studio has been demolished! Click here for news, photos and more.

Ai Weiwei holds some of his 100 million 'Sunflower Seeds'. Image from

Ai Weiwei holds some of his 100 million 'Sunflower Seeds'. Image from

In October 2010, guest contributor Pippa Dennis reported on the artist’s continuing Tate Modern installation, Sunflower Seeds, Britain’s largest contemporary art commission. Each of the 100 million seeds was individually hand-crafted by artisans living in the Chinese city of Jingdezhen.

Click here to watch a fascinating video produced by the Tate Modern which details the entire creation process of Sunflower Seeds, from mining the clay to installing the completed art work.


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