Want to know how this year’s ART HK compares with prior events? We have trawled through our archives to bring you a comprehensive list of our past coverage of the Hong Kong International Art Fair (or ART HK), from 2008 right up to now.


Art Basel has continents covered with ART HK buy-out – press release
Wednesday 11 May 2011

We publish the press release announcing the sale of ART HK to MCH Group, the company that manages both Art Basel and Art Basel Miami Beach.


ART HK 11. Image from

How does ART HK 11 250+ gallery sign-up compare with other fairs?
Wednesday 13 April 2011

In it’s 2011 edition, ART HK has reported a gallery attendance of over 250, an enormous number for any fair. We compare this number with that of other fairs around the world.

ART HK Art Basel joining forces? Art Newspaper reports
Friday 18 February 2011

A collaboration between two major art fair players may give Asian art and art galleries more chance of hitting the international art market.

Is Hong Kong’s current art climate failing local artists? Wall Street Journal discusses
Wednesday 19 January 2011

As Hong Kong’s commercial sector continues to grow in leaps and bounds, has the city’s independent art scene been forgotten?

Galleries say debut Art Stage Singapore brings diversity ART HK lacks
Wednesday 19 January 2011

Art Stage Singapore made its success debut at Marina Bay Sands last week. While attendees praised the fair’s diverse yet strongly Asian audience, initial sales have been reported as mixed.

Entrance, Art Stage Singapore 2011. Image from

Entrance, Art Stage Singapore 2011. Image from


Globalisation of contemporary art market evident in growth of art fairs – The Economist
Tuesday 17 August 2010

A recent article in the Economist comments on the globalisation of art and how art fairs accelerate the transnational exposure of artists, something that could become necessary for artists if they want to attract attention.

World’s top collectors and art professionals attend ART HK: a testament to fair’s growing importance
Wednesday 23 June 2010

ART HK 10 was reportedly more festive than the ’09 edition due to its increasing ability to attract more high-profile and experienced collectors and curators from round the world.

ART HK 10 reports strong sales figures, lists major artworks sold
Wednesday 16 June 2010

Strong sales figures have been reported since the third Hong Kong art fair drew to a close in late May this year. Million dollar sales of artwork by Zhang Xiaogang and Damien Hirst…


ART HK 10 VIP entrance. Image from

London’s Michael Hoppen pioneers photography at Art HK 10, plans Hong Kong gallery – interview
Wednesday 9 June 2010

In the art bonanza that was the third incarnation of Art HK, there was one gallery among the 155 visual arts exhibitors with the unique distinction of being the only dealer specialising in photographic artworks.

What did the galleries say about ART HK 10? Art Radar Asia speaks to 19 dealers
Tuesday 1 June 2010

Art Radar Asia attended ART HK 10 on Sunday with the aim of getting a perspective on the who is selling what to whom. Below we lay out the comments from and opinions of 19 gallerists.


Deutsche Bank signs 5 year lead sponsorship deal with ART HK
Tuesday 8 December 2009

The May 2010 incarnation ART HK will only be the international art fair’s third event, but it has already earned the confidence-and sponsorship- of Deutsche Bank, the largest bank in Germany.

More art, better art, riskier art at Art HK o9
Tuesday 19 May 2009

“What do you think of the art fair this year?” Advisors, fair visitors, writers and artists graciously suffered our question ‘du jour’ for the duration of the much-anticipated second edition of Art HK.

ART HK 09 entrance. Image from

ART HK 09 entrance. Image from

Newslink roundup Hong Kong art fair – Art HK 09
Wednesday 13 May 2009

A roundup of the media coverage of Art HK 09.


Hong Kong art fair tipped to be Asia’s Art Basel – Financial Times
Friday 10 October 2008

On October 10, ARTSingapore unveils its eighth edition. In the past four weeks, the dedicated art buyer could also have visited fairs in Shanghai, Seoul, Hong Kong and Beijing. What’s behind this explosion?


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