Our roving Art Radar reporters asked dealers at ART HK 11, What art fairs will your gallery be heading to in 2011? While Art Basel Miami Beach was top of most gallery’s fair lists, some Asian events like SH Contemporary and Art Taipei also got a mention.

Art Basel Miami Beach stands out as a not-to-be missed fair for most of the galleries – European, American or Asian – that we asked, while London’s Frieze Art Fair, FIAC (Foire Internationale d’Art Contemporain) in Paris and the Italian fair Artissima were hot spots for galleries based in Europe. Among the Asian-based galleries, fairs such as Art Stage SingaporeArt Fair Tokyo and Fine Art Asia, to be held in Hong Kong in October 2011, were added to travel budgets.

Art Basel Miami Beach 2010. Image from

Art Basel Miami Beach 2010. Image from

Frieze is our next fair. We will [also] go to Art Basel Miami.

Vilma Gold (London)

We are going to [Art] Basel, of course. It’s still the most important art fair in the world, I would say. Then we will go toFrieze [Art Fair] in London, to FIAC in Paris and our last fair of the year is Art Basel Miami Beach.

– Galerie Thaddaeus Ropac (Paris and Salzburg)

We will probably go to SH Contemporary and also some [other fairs] that haven’t been confirmed yet.

– Beijing Commune (Beijing)

I hope [we will join other fairs within this year]. We’re showing at The Affordable Art Fair Singapore at the end of the year [2011]….

The Cat Street Gallery (Hong Kong)

We did The Armory in New York and will possibly go to [Art Basel] Miami but that’s it for us this year.

Rokeby (London)

Inside Fine Art Asia, Hong Kong, 2010. Image from

Inside Fine Art Asia, Hong Kong, 2010. Image from

We don’t do many fairs; we focus on Asia. We do ART HK, we have supported this fair for four years, we’ll support Art Stage [Singapore] from its first year [2011], and for about seven years we have been to CIGE [China International Gallery Exposition] in Beijing. Those are the three fairs we focus on in Asia.

– F2 Gallery (Beijing) and Fabien Fryns Fine Art (Los Angeles)

We will head to Art Basel and Art Basel Miami. We will [also] do the KIAF [Korea International Art Fair] in Korea … and ARCO in Spain.

The Paragon Press (London)

We do [Art] Basel in June and we participate in Frieze [Art Fair] in London, we will do FIAC in Paris and we will also do [Art] Basel Miami this December [2011]. … We wanted to find the one strong fair in Asia and we feel that Hong Kong is the right fair.

Kukje Gallery (Seoul)

December [2011] – [Art Basel] Miami, October [2011] – the Hong Kong fair [Fine Art Asia 2011] at this exhibition and convention center. It’s a fair for both antique and contemporary art [and] is organised by Andy Hei. It has been [running] for … about five to six years.

Grotto Fine Art (Hong Kong)

We’ve already done [Art] Dubai, which is a place that we come back to. And then we will do a fair in Italy,… Artissima, in November [2011]. We’ll present a solo booth of [work by] Hamra [Abbas].

Green Cardamom (London)

Green Cardamom at Art Dubai 2011. In the foreground, a work by Hamra Abbas. In the background, one of Green Cardamom's directors, Hammad Nasar. Image from

Green Cardamom at Art Dubai 2011. In the foreground, a work by Hamra Abbas. In the background, one of Green Cardamom's directors, Hammad Nasar. Image from

We will join the [Art] Taipei…, [Art Fair] Kyoto … and a fair called Tokyo Online. This year we will participate in five fairs. Two in Japan, one in Hong Kong, one in Taipei and one in Singapore.

Gallery Grand Siecle (Taipei)

We attend eight for the year and we are intending to make the Hong Kong [International] Art Fair one of the eight fairs….

– Timothy Taylor Gallery (London)

We do PAD [Pavilion of Art & Design] in London, FIAC in Paris, TEFAF in Maastricht and also Art Basel in Miami. … We’re going to do PAD New York, too.

Van de Weghe (New York)

Late this year [2011] we will be doing Frieze [Art Fair] in London, Artissima in Italy and then [Art Basel] Miami.

– Pilar Corrias (London)

I’m going to [Art] Basel next month [June 2011], … I’m going to Art Fair Tokyo this July [2011], … [Art Fair Kyoto], I’m still thinking about. … I have [already] been to Art Stage [Singapore].

Nanzuka Underground (Tokyo)

We will be at Fine Art Asia. That is also in Hong Kong, [held], I think, around the beginning of October [2011].

– Plum Blossoms (Hong Kong)

Sh Contemporary, Shanghai, China, 2010. Image from

Sh Contemporary, Shanghai, China, 2010. Image from

Gallerists, did this match the art fair travel schedule you have set for your gallery? What fairs will you be participating in in 2011? What about 2012? Leave a comment below.


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