As The Art Newspaper reported early in September 2011, The Delfina Foundation, a key supporter of artistic exchanges between the UK, West Asia and North Africa, is expanding into a second building, enabling it to accommodate a greater number of artists.

Wael Shawky, 'Larvae Channel 2', 2009, video and animation (still).

Wael Shawky, 'Larvae Channel 2', 2009, video and animation (still). Video work by Shawky was exhibited at The Delfina Foundation from June to July 2011.

Click here to read the original article, titled “Delfina Foundation expands into second building”, on The Art Newspaper‘s website.

Reports The Art Newspaper,

The institution’s founder, 84 year-old Delfina Entrecanales, has acquired the property next door to the foundation’s current home in Catherine Place, SW1. Miranda Sharp, Delfina Foundation’s project manager, said: ‘The expansion will enable Delfina Foundation to host twice as many residencies at a single time in London and develop more international collaborations.’

The Delfina Foundation was started in Britain by art patron Delfina Entrecanales more than twenty years ago. It functions as a residency space for artistic exchanges between artists from the UK and those from countries in West Asia and North Africa. The institution also hosts public art education programmes and other public art events.


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