An article recently published in The Japan Times takes a quirky look at a new Tokyo art district that has sprung up in Nihonbashi. Kit Nagamura brings you a colloquially written chronicle of ancient executions, deli dishes and, of course, contemporary art.

Tobin Ohashi Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.

Tobin Ohashi Gallery, Tokyo, Japan.

Click here to read the original article, titled “Shooting galleries in Nihonbashi”, on The Japan Times’ website.

After a spot of lunch and a macaroni fortune reading at Alimentare e Bar Renea, Nagamura bumps into gallerist Hitoshi Ohashi’s Tokyo Art Collectors Group and is asked if she would like to tag along with them as they tour the city district. “Walking with Hitoshi, I soon learn that the area’s galleries are rarely in locations as accessible and obvious as the Tobin Ohashi [Gallery],” she writes, and then proceeds to list a few of the established and emerging spaces the group visits, including Unseal Contemporary, Gallery Hashimoto, Gallery αMCASHI Contemporary Gallery Shima and Radi-um von Roentgenwerke AG.

Gallery Hashimoto, Tokyo, Japan.

Gallery Hashimoto, Tokyo, Japan.

Residents of Tokyo, do you know of any other galleries in this or other areas of the city that are worth a mention? If you do, leave the gallery name and a link to their website in the comments section below.


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