One World Exposition is a project curated by non-profit video and media art organisation Videotage which aims to use “the strategic location of Hong Kong and re-engage contemporary Chinese art from regional, national and global perspectives.”

Excerpts from the first press release about the event follow:

Supported by the Hong Kong Arts Development Council and proudly presented by Videotage, a leading non-profit organisation to facilitate, promote and present media art both in Hong Kong and the Greater China region, and in collaboration with Asia Art Archive, Hanart TZ Gallery, KEE Club, Osage Art Foundation, the School of Creative Media of the City University of Hong Kong and Spring Workshop, One World Exposition features eighteen contemporary media artists from both Hong Kong and mainland China, exhibits their classic pieces in joint dialogue, and explores the position, history, currency and future of media art under the rapid development of contemporary Chinese art. Between 8 December 2011 and 8 January 2012, a series of exhibitions and programs will be hosted at the most exciting art and cultural venues in Hong Kong for the general public and art lovers.

One World Exposition is the first substantial project that aims at exploring the development of Chinese media art from regional, national and global perspectives. Through a series of exhibitions, screenings, performances, artist talks and symposia, this project aims to enrich the public’s understanding of contemporary Chinese media artists and their work from different contexts and cultural backgrounds, and hopefully inform artistic and cultural exchange between regions and across time.

Videotage brings together internationally recognised media artists from diverse backgrounds and disciplines, who work in video art, film, lighting, theatre, computer gaming and interactive media. Participants include, but are not limited to, Feng Mengbo, Ou Ning, Ellen Pau, Qiu Zhijie, Jeffrey Shaw, Johnnie To, Wang Jianwei, Yang Fudong, Danny Yung and Zhang Peili. Co-curated by Li Zhenhua and Isaac Leung who are experts in media art, the eighteen participating artists will … explore the multi-faceted nature of Chinese media art in both the regional and global context. Eight groups of exhibits will be showcased … so as to provide insight [into] the future framework for the development of Chinese media art. One World Exposition also débuts collaborative live performances…. All programs are open to the general public….


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By Brittney

Brittney is a writer, curator and contemporary art gallerist. Born in Singapore and based in New York City, Brittney maintains a deep interest in the contemporary art landscape of Southeast Asia. This is combined with an equally strong interest in contemporary art from the Asian diasporas, alongside the issues of identity, transmigration and global relations.

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